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Tailor-made SEO solutions

At Snap SEO, we do digital marketing a little bit differently from other local SEO agencies. We offer personalized referencing solutions adapted to the objectives and values ​​of our customers. We understand that there is no single approach to online marketing for Sherwood Park businesses, which is why our agency’s SEO experts work closely with clients at every stage of growth.

We offer four separate solutions to our SEO company in Edmonton. As you can guess, search engine optimization is one of those services. We also offer web design and development, copywriting and Google Ads management. Combined, these digital marketing strategies and platforms offer a multifaceted approach to seeing our customers succeed.

Data-Driven Search Engine Optimization

What sets our SEO agency in Sherwood Park apart from other SEO professionals? We go into the finer details of what works to get higher search rankings. We take a data-driven approach to search engine optimization, and apply it through several SEO strategies.

Our Sherwood Park SEO services include:

  • Thorough keyword research and topic discovery to match user intent
  • Technical SEO Tactics (ie Optimizing Page Speed, Caching and Accessibility)
  • On-page optimization via page title, metadata and content creation or review
  • Location-based tactics like local SEO, directory submission, and Google Map placement
  • User experience and conversion optimization to boost stickiness
  • Content Creation

Snap SEO has years of growing businesses like your Sherwood Park business. Our SEO experts understand what it takes to rank well locally. Your business will benefit from both local SEO services and national SEO strategies to help it rank in Edmonton and beyond.

Our SEO geeks work with clients to see the big picture often identifying new or missed traffic sources. This allows us to tailor SEO campaigns to the other services we offer such as web development, content marketing and advertising. We invite you to plan a data-driven growth campaign with our professionals and see the difference that scalable and flexible search engine optimization services can make.

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Sherwood Park PPC & Google Ads Management

Google Ads offers an incredible opportunity to reach local Sherwood Park customers and customers without getting lost in the “noise” of search lists. Thanks to online advertising, your business quickly obtains a generation of prospects adapted to your budget and your intentions.

Give your Google Ads management to our certified Google Ads experts and start seeing the results. We take care of everything, so you just have to approve the campaign and wait for sales to arrive.

Here are some of the items you can expect with our PPC advertising in Sherwood Park:

  • Account setup
  • Keyword and topic research
  • Ad copy and creative development
  • Landing page creation and optimization
  • Call, conversion, and campaign tracking
  • Transparent reporting and consulting

Imagine your Sherwood Park business appearing among your biggest competitors. Now imagine that your business looks good when customers are looking for products and services offered by your business. This gives your business a powerful channel to get more leads and close more sales!

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E-Commerce PPC Case Study – How We Reduced Cost Per Lead By 85%

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Custom, Conversion-Focused Web Design

Getting people to your website is difficult, but getting them to stay is the real challenge. You only have a few seconds to convince a visitor that they have found what they are looking for. Even overcoming this, you still need to provide a phenomenal experience that will make them become a customer!

Quality web design by our Sherwood Park web company is a perfect investment.

Here’s what you can expect from our custom web development services:

  • Custom website themes and on-page optimization
  • Positive user experience (UI) and usability
  • Ecommerce and online shopping capabilities
  • Event ticketing and registration for event planners
  • Strong website and visitor security

We combine the latest trends in web design with best practices, delivering a site design that not only grabs the attention of users, but makes them interact and connect with your brand. We also carry out projects for websites of all sizes and platforms such as e-commerce, blogs, landing pages.

We are going to create a personalized website for your business that generates more leads and generates more sales.

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Snap SEO and our team of SEO experts and digital marketing professionals know what it takes to rank here and as a whole.

With a solid rating of 5 stars, our work speaks for itself. We would like to include your business among those that have been successful.

Contact our team and we will work hand in hand to develop a robust and scalable strategy. From the start, your business will see data-driven strategies tailored to your business goals and values. Strengthen your presence on the market, build a better brand and increase your sales thanks to our SEO and digital marketing services.

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