Say Hello to Your New Snap Dashboard Experience

Business Development
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Introducing the new and improved dashboard! We have listened to your feedback and we are happy to introduce a sleek, modern design that is easier than ever to use. The layout has been redesigned with all of you in mind – giving you everything at your fingertips. To Access the…

7 Important SEO Trends to Keep an Eye On

Laptop Screen with SEO Concept.
Google makes between 500 and 600 changes to its search engine algorithm each year. Every time the algorithm changes, new search engine optimisation (SEO) trends pop up. If you’re not following the latest SEO trends, your ranking could drop. Instead, you can use organic SEO to boost your search engine rankings. Higher…

How To Amplify Your Ecommerce Success With Product Videos

Content Marketing
In 2017, Forbes reported that 90% of customers watched videos to help them make buying decisions. That was before the pandemic. And quarantine. And all the many ways 2020 and now 2021 have all of us shopping from home. So we can assume that number has only skyrocketed. (more…)