10 SEO Trends of 2022 That You Need To Know

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The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and you want your business to stay on top of it. Here are the top SEO trends of 2020 that you need to know.

Do you care about your business? You know that helping your website gain better visibility is crucial for business.

To get the most out of your website, you need to apply proper search engine optimization.

SEO is a must for businesses, whether you’re big or small. SEO can help bring your brand to the right audience and position you in search engine rankings.

Much like anything on the internet, SEO algorithms are ever-changing. The SEO trends of 2022 can be different from the ones 5 years ago. If you don’t adjust your optimization strategy, you can expect drops in your rankings.

So, how do you do it?

In this guide, we list our top 10 picks for 2020 SEO trends you must follow. With so many potential changes out there, which of these can move the needle?

Let’s find out.

1. Rise of Voice

Better, more accurate voice assistants and home AI are rising. Assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are more accepted now. What we’re looking at is the rise of voice search.

Many of these voice search devices are looking into engaging consumers better. They’re smarter than ever, so this means they’re more viable now.

What does this mean for your business? By using keywords catered to voice search, you can target a new consumer group online.

In new reports, research shows 82% of smartphone users research before buying. If you play long-term keywords like actual questions, you catch more of your target market.

2. Mobile-First Indexing Is A Priority

Google’s Mobile-First Indexing has become one of the biggest SEO trends last year. With Google pushing for improved indexing for its smart device users, having a mobile version for your website is now a must.

Making your business website responsive is not a simple option now. You need to have one, otherwise, you’re missing the biggest search market. The mobile search audience is 52% of the entire global market.

No mobile version means you’re missing more than half of all searches.

3. Featured Snippets Are More Useful

Notice that when you search on Google, there’s a quick answer on the top of the list. This is what we call a featured snippet. SEO trends of 2020 lean towards catching this for your business.


Featured snippets show the most relevant answer from all the websites on the first page. Targeting for this gives you two signals.

First, this means your search engine optimization is on point. Google thinks your answer is worth the feature. Two, being in the snippets gives you more traffic and more authority.

4. Video Marketing Can Penetrate More Niches

Videos have been dominating many different industries and niche. From featured videos to carousels, there are more ways to engage audience with video. You will see how video content is taking over many marketing spaces.

If you can take advantage of video marketing further, you can reap more benefits of your SEO. You can expect video to come to more niches, which includes DIY and instructional.

5. Understanding Your Audience Means Better Rankings

Many SEO trends are changes in how search engines read algorithms. Even then, there’s nothing that can beat understanding your own audience. Understanding user intent better is crucial for the coming years.

If you can’t get the right audience to consume your content, there is zero growth potential. Sites that enhance the audience journey can change your website.

You want to focus your keywords according to user intent. Target your content towards what people care for. This means a deeper shift. in your keyword research.

6. Top Quality Content is Crucial

Trends tend to recycle. Top-quality content matters now more than ever.

Google is becoming more and more sensitive to low value, low authority content. It’s vital your content is more useful and valuable now. With the new BERT update by Google in 2019 it further pushes what we’ve been saying all along – make more content!

Content has always been king all these years. Now that Google only wants the best quality content for its page rankings, optimizing your content marketing strategy can push you further forward.

7. Brand Mentions and Reputations Gives Better SEO

Online business reputation is becoming much needed in any business. Even then, it’s not always easy to get your name around. Maintaining an active brand presence through mentions can help give your brand a better rep.

Google cares now more than ever on how people talk about your brand. If you are active on social media or other channels, mentions of your brand will take into account in SEO algorithms. This makes mentions more valuable to small businesses and helps you grow faster.

8. HTTPS or Nothing

With the passage of GDPR in the European Union, data privacy has value now more than ever. This means cybersecurity in your website can help you with your rankings. Many 2020 SEO trends revolve around securing your site and improving privacy.

Now, it’s a must for your website to have HTTPS. Without it, Google can deviate traffic off your site. Tighten your web security and make sure you have HTTPS on to prevent killing your traffic.

9. More Technical SEO, Better On-Page Optimization

Working more in your technical SEO is an essential area of investment for your business. From your page load speed to your javascript, you want to be better and faster than ever. Technologies are getting better, so going faster with better compression is great for your rankings.

It’s not all technical SEO. Better on-page optimization that caters to customers, combined with strong technical SEO, can give your customers the best experience with your business.

You want to provide better information, easier access to your content, and help shorten navigation period.

10. Image Optimization

Not many agencies are talking about this but we want everyone to future proof their businesses. Although not a major ranking factor Google is starting to look at the metadata that is embedded into the extra information (EXIF data) of your photographs. This means websites that use plenty of stock images without proper optimization of their images may not get ranked as highly.

When optimizing your images do make a rating of 5 stars, add description, author, and the GPS position of your images.

Follow These SEO Trends of 2020 Now

When it comes to SEO trends of 2020, improvements are your key to growth. Optimize more for the needs of your human customers than ticking the checkboxes of search engines. If you can work on how you connect with your audience, your SEO follows suit.

If you’re looking for a team that can help manage your SEO, you need a team that knows how to grow your business. You need experts who can improve your online presence. You need Snap SEO.

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