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9 Steps On How To Become An Instagram Influencer


In the old days, if you wanted to become famous, you had to be noticed by the perfect people. Usually, it involved lots of hard work trying out for parts in the movies, sending records to record labels in the hopes that you would get picked up, or competitively fighting your spot in pro sports leagues.

In today’s world, there’s a new degree to fame thanks to the popularity of social media. Instagram in specific, is an exceptional platform where you can get noticed and become a star, even in the event that you’ve never been on TV or scored the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.

But if you want to be an Instagram star, you’ll still have to put in the job to make it happen. It begins with acquiring more Instagram followers and keeping a consistent brand to keep them curious. Here are 8 ways in which you may choose your Instagram accounts from unknown to stardom.

1. Enter a market that you like.

First of all, you can’t hope to succeed on Instagram if you don’t have a super-specific niche with a targeted audience to keep you going. Consumers follow brands they can associate with which provide high value in a specific avenue, and if you go too wide, you’ll struggle to reach enough people to become famous.

Most of all, Shane Baker of Medium states, “This should be something you are passionate about. Something where you have a great deal of knowledge and attention. Just because somebody else is doing something and is successful, doesn’t mean you should also.”

If you do something on Instagram that you don’t enjoy your followers will likely see that and you will become a Debbie downer (Sorry Debbie)

2. Start with a goal.

Based on Nicole Martins Ferreira of all Oberlo, getting started isn’t easy. “Truth is your initial 10,000 Instagram followers would be the toughest to get,” she says. “Why? Nobody knows who you are yet. You have still got to establish yourself as an effective brand and sway.”

Once you’ve reached the 10,000 followers indicate, if you keep consistent and use your tools the maximize your reach, getting more followers is a lot simpler.

She urges curating a strategy that includes joining Instagram engagement groups, using automation, reposting others’ content, seeking promotional opportunities, leveraging user-generated articles, along with other excellent strategies for fostering engagement and receiving followers to adhere to you like flies on honey.

3. Optimize your biography / elevator pitch

You have just 150 characters to create this first impression, and that means you have to make those words count.

When considering what to say in this bio, think about how you would describe your company when introducing yourself to thought leaders in the business. Use keywords and special details to make your accounts searchable and relevant.

Most of all, include a URL to your site or blog if you have one. Consider using software to connect to two pages on your blog or altering your links occasionally to increase engagement.

4. Permit your captions reflect your brand.

While your photos will catch followers’ eyes initially, your own captions will cause them to fall in love with you–provided that they are totally on-brand. Brands with no personality will turn off or even confuse your customers. It is the quickest way to become forgettable or lose followers.

Develop a consistent voice, with keywords, key phrases, hashtags, and inflections that reflect your brand. The consistency will make a feeling of familiarity, which then generates loyal followers.

5. Evolve with your own brand.

It’s not unusual for brands to shift perspective when they recognize what they are doing isn’t working and there’s a more successful avenue ahead. It’s fine to make this shift so long as you are willing to become authentic about the change.

“I moved from being a girl who worked in beauty and fashion, to some competitive triathlete. It wasn’t something that I set out to do — it just changed as my life shifted!”

Let yourself make adjustments where you want to, but don’t miss the spark that makes your brand certainly you.

6. Get better at photography.

Hubspot additionally interviewed Chelsea Martin (@passporttofriday), and she said that one of the best things she ever did to spur celebrity was work on her photography skills. “An expert camera along with a fantastic lens could make the difference between a good photo and an amazing picture — that has more possibility of being reposted with other reports, therefore raising your viewers,” she explained.

A fantastic editing tool and using consistent filters may also assist you to get more Instagram likes. Considering that the billion Instagram users who are on the stage every single day log on to see fantastic visuals, do not fail with amateur photography.

7. Use Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories are a helpful feature for many reasons, but one of the best is the way it can increase your storytelling skills. It’s most likely the biggest trend on Instagram, and for good reason. It increases the chances of involvement with consumers and maximizes your ad spending, particularly since Instagram’s algorithm gives priority to businesses that use this attribute.

Stories offer many features, such as live video, captioned photos, fresh filters, boomerangs, swipe polls, and much more. One of the greatest features for those looking to increase their fan base is that the swipe-up feature. When a consumer finds your articles especially appealing, they could swipe a story to visit your bio at the place where they can see more of your content.

8. Choose strong hashtags.

Hashtags are used all over Instagram, so it’s important to have a fantastic strategy to stand out.

“So the probability of your post being discovered using those hashtags is gloomy. Instead, select hashtags that have adequate search volumes that maximize your odds of appearing in the top posts. Ideally, use a combination of hashtags varying in search volumes from above 10,000 to 1 million”

It is also possible to make your own hashtags and promote user-generated content. When you become even more well-known, users will jump to the opportunity to publish their own content with your hashtags attached.

9. Engage

Both social media platforms and search engines crave active users. They don’t want others, or even you to leave. Be sure to leave targeted comments on users’ feeds to help increase your web presence. 


Becoming an Instagram influencer can be a long, drawn-out process. Good posts, stories, and engagement can get huge results. If you’re looking for an Instagram growth service we created Snap Social Ads. We are able to greatly increase your web presence at rates most cannot comprehend. Stay active and stick with the success we know you’ve got this!

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