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Search engines like Google want to deliver high quality and relevant content to its users. Knowing this the trick to success in SEO is to increase your brands visibility online by literally building your presence specifically targeting highly relevant traffic with high quality content. There is little to be gained from pursuing a large volume of SEO keywords if the huge majority of these phrases are not pertinent to your services and products.

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how to get to page one on google

The most asked question we get from every client is, “How much to get to the first page?”

We are going to be totally, brutally honest.

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things you need to know for SEO in 2020 and beyond

Do you care about your business? You know that helping your website gain better visibility is crucial for business.

To get the most out of your website, you need to apply proper search engine optimisation.

SEO is a must for businesses, whether you’re big or small. SEO can help bring your brand to the right audience and position you in search engine rankings.

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how to grow a business in a slow economy

Has your your business been foundering on Alberta’s slowing economy? Even well-established companies have lost some clients during this recession but the question remains, how "can you grow your business and expand your client base?" Growing a business in a slowing economy is challenging especially in Alberta's current economic downtimes; But with the right strategies business owners can thrive despite the economic conditions.

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Conversion rate optimisation is the point of most websites today. What is the point of creating, developing and maintaining a website that doesn't convert viewers to buyers? By the time 2020 comes around the corner, a hundred billion dollars will be spent each year on search engine optimization. This is true not just for the wellness industry but for all industries. This huge industry is growing even more. Plus, when you compare the 2016 figure of SEO in which just sixty-five billion dollars was spent on SEO encompassing all industries, you will become even more amazed.

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business woman reading a newspaper

Oops Google did it again. They played with your SERPS. They made you believe we’re more than just friends – They updated their core algorithms. What? You thought this was a Britney Spears lyric page?

On a more serious note let’s take a look at the newest Google Update that just arrived.

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marketing your youtube

In the digital marketing video production is a rapid growing medium. It offers many more benefits over traditional textual content. It is more memorable and engaging by adding a new sense – sound.

Adding a new sense to marketing will help create a closer bond. Just as a video call bonds two people over seas better than an instant message, video can bond you and your audience at a deeper level. Not only that it can do wonderful things for your SEO.

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