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things you need to know for SEO in 2020 and beyond

Do you care about your business? You know that helping your website gain better visibility is crucial for business.

To get the most out of your website, you need to apply proper search engine optimisation.

SEO is a must for businesses, whether you’re big or small. SEO can help bring your brand to the right audience and position you in search engine rankings.

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Conversion rate optimisation is the point of most websites today. What is the point of creating, developing and maintaining a website that doesn't convert viewers to buyers? By the time 2020 comes around the corner, a hundred billion dollars will be spent each year on search engine optimization. This is true not just for the wellness industry but for all industries. This huge industry is growing even more. Plus, when you compare the 2016 figure of SEO in which just sixty-five billion dollars was spent on SEO encompassing all industries, you will become even more amazed.

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blog article writing service

Do you ever wonder what makes a blog post go viral? How it generates all those likes, shares, comments and revenue? Do you have trouble coming up with those golden ideas?

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marketing your youtube

In the digital marketing video production is a rapid growing medium. It offers many more benefits over traditional textual content. It is more memorable and engaging by adding a new sense – sound.

Adding a new sense to marketing will help create a closer bond. Just as a video call bonds two people over seas better than an instant message, video can bond you and your audience at a deeper level. Not only that it can do wonderful things for your SEO.

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business women in marketing

A lot of us want results fast. We wanted instant messages, instant coffee, fast food and fast business growth. Within a year of operations, we quickly scaled to have a base of operations in Toronto, Edmonton and Perth, Australia.

Instead of being a poor winner we want to help you do the same - WIN.

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how to market your NGO

Does site rank and organic search results from SEO searches really matter for nonprofits? Yes! That is, as long as you want people to know about your organization. And yes, nonprofit organizations do need to make a profit to stay in business. Without a viable website, traction and traffic, and people understanding your cause, how do you remain afloat? Although it's not the first thing nonprofits think of, the right tactics for not for profit SEO, will greatly help improve your website rank, for the proper terms. So, where do you begin when it comes to increasing site rank?

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html code on a laptop screen

With so many factors going into your search rankings from link building to content one thing remains tried and true. Properly optimized header tags still remain a prominent ranking factor. Not only that they help both users and search engines navigate your page. A header tag with proper optimization can directly impact your search engine rankings and make your content easier to read and navigate thus increasing your websites user experience.

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