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Game Changing Marketing & SEO Solutions

At Snap SEO, we do digital marketing a little differently than other local SEO agencies. We provide custom SEO and digital marketing solutions that your goals and values. We understand there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to online marketing for Tofino businesses, that’s why the SEO experts at our agency work intimately with clients throughout every phase of growth.

We offer three distinct solutions at our SEO Edmonton Company — Search Engine Optimization Tofino, web design & PPC management / Google Ads, too. Combined, these digital marketing strategies and platforms offer a multi-faceted approach to seeing our clients find success.

Data-Driven Search Engine Optimization

What makes our Tofino SEO agency stand apart from other SEO professionals? We get into the finer details of what works in obtaining higher search rankings. We take a data-driven approach to Search Engine Optimization, and we apply it through several SEO strategies.

Our Tofino SEO services include:

  • Deep keyword research and topic discovery to match user intent
  • Technical SEO tactics (i.e. page speed optimization, caching, and accessibility)
  • On-page optimization through page title, metadata, and content creation or revisions
  • Off-Page optimization through quality in-content link building, news sites and more
  • Location-based tactics like local SEO, directory submission, and Google Map placement
  • User experience and conversion optimization to boost stickiness
  • Tofino content marketing services

Snap SEO has years of experience working with businesses like yours. Our Tofino SEO experts understand what it takes to rank well locally. Your business will enjoy both local SEO services and national SEO strategies to help it rank in Tofino and beyond.

Our SEO geeks work with clients to see the big picture. This allows us to tailor SEO campaigns alongside other services we offer like web development, content marketing, and advertising. We welcome you to plan a data-driven growth campaign with our pros and see the difference scalable, flexible search engine optimization services can make.

View the video to learn more about our SEO processes.

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Affordable, Scalable Google Ads Management

Google Ads offers an incredible opportunity to reach local, national and international, Tofino clients and customers without getting lost in the “noise” that is search listings. Through online advertising, your business gains fast lead generation that’s tailored to your budget and intent.

Hand over your Google Ads management to our certified Google Ads experts and start seeing results. We take care of everything, so all you’ll need to do is approve the campaign and wait for sales to come rolling in.

Here are some of the items you can expect with our Tofino PPC advertising services:

    • Account setup,
    • Keyword and topic research,
    • Ad copy and creative development,
    • Landing page creation and optimization,
    • eCommerce & Shopping Campaigns,
    • Call, conversion, and campaign tracking,
    • Transparent reporting and consulting,
    • Remarketing to target visitors after they left your site,
    • and more!

Imagine your Tofino business appearing among your biggest competitors. Now imagine your business showing up right as customers seek products and services your business offers. This gives your business a powerful channel to get more leads and close more sales!

High-Quality Video Production & Marketing

Video content is the direction we are moving in with online content. From YouTube and Facebook to streaming and live video chats, people want their content in a video format. Video is such a dominant format that it’s near 80% of our global internet consumption!

Your business and brand greatly benefit from exploring video production. Our Tofino video production professionals are here to get you in front of the camera, creating engaging videos.

Our Tofino video production capabilities include:

  • Video Production (script writing, editing, and publishing)
  • Video Marketing (syndication of YouTube Videos to 100+ news agencies)
  • Video SEO / YouTube optimization (we will deliver a video with optimized titles, and description)

Our primary focus will be getting your business in front of the billions of YouTube visitors. We’ll take your blog posts and turn them into easy to use content ideas for your video content. We then help produce your videos whether using in-house talent, or third-party actors.

Once completed, our SEO team takes over with video marketing strategies. Your business will reach and engage more people through video distribution. Your business will also leverage each video as a lead generation source, driving interested viewers to your site or getting in touch.

Our Passion for what we do is rendered in our Services

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Medical & Healthcare PPC Case Study

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Helping an E-Commerce Client With Disapproved Google Ads


Custom, Conversion-Focused Web Design

Getting people to your website is hard but making them stick is the real challenge. You have mere seconds to convince a visitor they’ve found what they’re looking for. Even overcoming this, you still need to provide a phenomenal experience that’ll have them becoming a customer!

Quality website design by our Tofino web development company is a perfect investment.

Here is what you can expect with our tailored web development services:

  • Conversion oriented website themes and on-page optimization
  • Positive user experience (UI) and usability
  • Ecommerce and online shopping capabilities
  • Event ticketing and registration for event planners
  • Strong website and visitor security
  • SEO Copywriting (as we design your site we offer discounted rates on our SEO copywriting)

We combine the latest web design trends and best practices, delivering a site design that not only captures user attention but gets them interacting and connecting with your brand. We do website projects of all sizes and platforms like eCommerce, blogs, landing pages, too.

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It’s Us With You

Let Snap SEO be your local SEO & content marketing agency in Tofino.

Snap SEO and our expert team of SEOs and digital marketing professionals know what it takes to rank both here and at large.

With a solid 5 star rating our work speaks for itself. We’d love to include your business among others who saw success.

Get in touch with our team and we’ll work hand-in-hand developing a robust strategy that scales. From the very start, your business will see data-driven strategies tailored to your business’s goals and values. Gain a stronger market presence, build a better brand, and get more sales with our SEO and digital marketing services.

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