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This agency came to us with mixed results for their clients. They had some clients that had decent rankings and some that had none.
They needed a way to scale their link building and get more consistent results for their clients. They are all in competitive spaces in very lucrative markets, so they needed something that was going to be powerful and cost effective.
Many of these terms have CPCs of $150 so these are very lucrative terms to be ranking for.


This client wanted to see some fast results. Through a combination of Snap SEO packages, Snap Homepage, and Snap Local, we were able to help achieve higher, more consistent rankings across the board for their clients.


We saw improvements for terms going from page 2 to page 1, as well as terms that were not showing up at all start popping up as well. This all occurred in month 1 of their campaign with us, showing great signs of what’s to come.

legal-page-ranking-1 SEO Agency In the Legal Space - Snap SEO

Using the key term "car accident" we took their page rank from 4 to page 1 in less than a month.


legal-space-seo-page-60-to-1 SEO Agency In the Legal Space - Snap SEO

We used accident lawyer to boost this from an average of page 60 to page 1. This legal space now enjoys the top spot and an increase in clients.

legal-page-rank-3 SEO Agency In the Legal Space - Snap SEO

We took them from the bottom of page 7 to the top of page 3.


Using Snap SEO this law firm ranked in multiple keywords in a short period of time. As our client worked with us we began to own the top spots. Once we owned them we are able to maintain them. Unlike Paid per click advertising SEO allows the results to stay leaving a more long term solution.

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