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car-dealership-seo Recovering An Automotive Dealership from Penalty Plus Massive Gains - Snap SEO

How we recovered a UK luxury car dealerships penalties and gained 147% organic traffic!

Screenshot of SEO results


This luxury car dealership was suffering massive penalties from a recent Google Update. They have several locations across the UK. They wanted to target keywords that where low in traffic but were extremely lucrative.

The goal of this campaign was to restore rankings from the penalty thereby restoring traffic and improve the rankings of select keywords.

Step 1: The Audit

Every Snap Managed campaign begins with an audit.

A Google core update negatively impacted their site resulting in a significant loss of rankings. This was mainly due to having little content, duplicate pages (also with little content) and a high bounce rate.

Many auto dealerships have sites with only photos of their inventory. This is a huge problem, yet an easy one to fix and a great opportunity to win back their traffic!

They had a good, steady amount of traffic until this update hit. They were already using the self serve option on our website and saw a bit of returning traffic. They onboarded to us with a Snap Managed plan a couple months after using the a la carte self serve options.

Improving Existing Page Rankings & Easy Wins

When we onboard any campaign one of the first things we do is look at the existing pages. Is there any keywords we can boost to bring more traffic?

It is very common to find many clients have pages and keywords that are close to ranking on the first page and generating traffic from keywords. When we identify keywords to identify easy wins we look for the following metrics:

  • A Keyword difficulty equal to or less than 30
  • A minimum cost per click of $0.10
  • A ranking between 4 to 30

Using this strategy we can find keywords that are valuable and highly targetable pages and keywords that are on the brink of ranking but is just not quite there.

At the start of this campaign we identified 460 keywords that we can potentially target. Most of which where on the bottom of page 1 all the way to page 3 and had a cost per click between 30 cents to $2.50

There pages and keywords were mostly product / sales pages that led to individual cars this dealership had available. The keywords were already getting traffic and had a low difficulty and we capitalized on these early to dramatically increase traffic.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Once we identify the keywords we deliver a one-two punch by completing a competitive gap analysis. We look for keywords that your competition is targeting and you are not. Once we identify these keywords we begin adding blog content targeting these new found opportunities.

When doing search engine optimization for the automotive industry it is important to note it is a bit different then some industries for completing the competitive gap analysis, you will find keywords that are not worth ranking and irrelevant (exampes: geo-targeted words, specific makes and models etc.)

Most of the competing sites in this industry lack content.  This gives us more leverage when targeting the easy wins and creating long blog content around them.

Through this campaign we did monthly link building and content creation every month.


 Once we began targeting all the easy wins we were able to bump many of them to page 1. Here are their top keywords all ranking on page 1.

top ten car dealership keywords

 Below is a graph showing the #1 exact matches after using only three months of Snap Managed SEO.

snap managed seo results

The Take Away

After this client switched from an a la carte style seo program to our managed seo service they saw a dramatic increase in organic traffic month after month. Building quality, enterprise level content and a combination of our link building techniques (Snap Link Building Classic and Snap Guest Post) we are able to increase the sites value.

Looking at the image below the sites organic traffic, organic keywords, backlinks and value are consistently improving.  

Organic traffic value increased

With consistency and hard work we were able to recover this sites organic traffic, brought many pages to page 1 and doubled the organic traffic! 

If you would like some help with your site, have been penalized, or seen a significant drop in traffic you might be interested in our Snap Managed SEO packages.

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