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In this case study, we are going to show you how we improved an internet shop's traffic by 2400 percent.

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The ecommerce / online store sells products that are between $50.00 to $300 each. Initially it was getting no organic visitors and has been largely relying on paid traffic (PPC).

They began ecommerce SEO with us by buying a couple of our a-la-carte search engine optimization services but they were not really dedicated until they onboarded to our SNAP Managed SEO services.

This store had huge opportunity to grow!

SEO Audit

The very first thing we always do is an audit of the site. We are searching for penalizations, something which could keep them from ranking on search engines.

Upon review we found that this website did not have anything holding them back, they simply didn't have a lot of content nor backlinks.

Easy Win Analysis

To kick off our keyword research we look to find keywords that our client is currently ranking for but are not quite at the top spots.

All these are great targets since we could boost them up to get faster traffic.

We found 76 possible targetable keywords with a vast majority at the bottom of page 1 with a cost per click (CPC) being around .60 and $2.50.

We worked together with the client to pick a few high priority targets for fast boosts!

Keyword Research & Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is made to assist you to find keywords your competitors are ranking for which you are not.

This is an important step as it always can help create new keywords which you may easily target with articles.

E-commerce is somewhat different than other websites with the competitive gap analysis. You will often get a lot of product names, most of which you are not selling.

Working closely with our customers we are able to choose keywords that target their goods and stock.

We discovered a few killer keywords where we can write long posts about!

E-Commerce SEO Strategy and Execution

This is a fairly common campaign where we build consistent links and content to the website.

For the first three months we kept the same strategy:

  • 1X SNAP Link Building Medium -- We assembled in-content links centered on simple wins, using varied anchor text.
  • 4X SNAP Blogger 1000x words -- We concentrated on composing content targeting keywords with great volume linked to the niche solutions.

Results - The traffic begins advancing when we began:


Continuing On...

Now we have these amazing, long-form blog articles ranking (AND they're high quality pieces of content people actually use, instead of only product webpages), we will be in a position to perform some surgical link building to push these articles up the SERPS even faster!

We have a great deal of articles to work with and... - it is starting to show!

By following this ecommerce seo strategy consistently you can see Google unlocking the flood gates!


The Takeaway

Ecommerce needs articles, and by composing long-form blog articles, you should begin rank for your keywords.

These webpages are easier to position, and also, we do additional interlinking to your product pages. As soon as you've got the content, it makes getting those valuable links a million times easier!

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