Snap Local SEO Audit

CAD99.95 each


How the internet perceives you locally and globally is a huge deal. A wrong citation can ruin your Local SEO game.

This human powered report helps you find out where you stand, what citations are wrong and what is good.

What's included?

  • Name, Address and Phone Variations (NAP): This is a big and you don't want anything wrong. major search engines like Google take this into consideration when ranking especially when querying geo-targeted searches.
  • Existing Correct Citations: It's nice to know if you're on the right track.
  • Incorrect Citations: Just like our bodies if you work out, you get fit, if you work on SEO you get results. We will show you where you went wrong and what Snap SEO can help you improve on.
  • Aggregator Citations: Some aggregators have high domain authority and send out the wrong data. We'll let you know if they have the wrong data.

Audit is based off a single location license.