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Content Syndication and Content Marketing

Our Enterprise Level Article Writing Service and Distribution Services

The easiest way to automated blog writing and getting it out there!

Without a properly optimized blog you can be missing out on 80% of your potential traffic!

We offer a fully managed, premium blog service so you can spend less time blogging and more time focusing on your other business needs.

Importance of a Quality Blog

In today's world content is king. Content can be used to increase the number of keywords associated with your site, be used to share on LinkedIn and Facebook to compliment a solid marketing strategy both for SEO and Social Media Marketing.

We aim to create high quality blogs that will resonate with your users and is something your users will find useful when they search for your industry. A good blog post shows that you are a source of expertise and can be a trusted, reliable source.

We do the topic creation, keyword research and write well thought-out SEO optimized blogs. A good blog post can target not just one, but many keywords for you and allows you to stay ahead of competition.

Most importantly they are interesting to the reader, funny and with personality!

Content Syndication & Content Distribution

New updates from search engines and social media platforms is forcing the world to become more content heavy day by day. With Snap Syndication we take your previously indexed content and guarantee publisher placement on 100+ large media sites. Getting your content in front of millions of potential readers.

Some news outlets may even take your content as a story!

Take a Page Out of The Fortune 500 Playbook

Content Syndication and Distribution has been used by Fortune 500 companies for years. Their authority and influence would make it easy to get to publishers. Navigating the publishing space is a beast of its own.

With Snap Syndication, We use the same strategies as the big boys at a fraction the price.

Get Noticed

We often get asked, "How do I get my content on major sites?" or, "Can you get me on news sites?"

Getting your content printed is no easy feat, you’re typically at the mercy of editors who ignore hundreds if not thousands of pitches per day. Even if you do get your story in front of them, there is no guarantee they're going to run your story.

What if there was the simpler way you may get your content printed and reach markets all across the North America – guaranteed?

Blogger Outreach / Guest Post

The number ranking factor for getting your page ranked is a diverse set of links from other sites pointing to your content. Our outreach team will reach out to other blogs and websites to offer a quality article for their site. When writing for the other site we include a relevant link back to your blog content.

This increases your website's page intent and helps bring targeted traffic to your website.

Content Marketing

As Edmonton’s content marketing service these strategies are unique to us. Most SEO companies do not have the hookups or knowledge on how to get your site on major news outlets.

Let’s have a friendly conversation on how we can drive traffic using your blog.

Get Me Noticed!

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