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Qualified Traffic. Qualified Leads

Want fast lead generation?

Who wouldn’t? Our team of expert Google Ad managers in Edmonton will help you get just that! We will help you advertise on the world’s largest ad platform and get qualified leads - fast. Faster than you can say "I love Snap PPC"... Okay, maybe not that fast but we think you get the point.

Is Google Ads right for your business?

To get the best out of your digital marketing strategy you need to take a refined approach. At the center of your paid ad campaign is strategy, knowing your data and numbers, creativity and expert knowledge of the ad’s dashboard.

Once we understand your goals and company our agency can tell you if Google ads is right for you. Let’s talk. Just a casual conversation.

Is Google Ads Right for Me

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads (previously Adwords) is the world's most effective form of online pay-per-click advertising. The Ads platform allows you to appear in their search and display.

When used right Google Ads allow you to hyper target your ads so they display precisely on the screens of users searching for businesses, services or products like yours. Pretty neat eh?

It gets better! Our professional, dedicated Ad Managers continuously refine your campaign daily. All our Google Ads certified campaign managers are experts in paid traffic and work on your campaign directly.

How Does Our Google Ads Management Work?

We take care of everything you need to SNAP your competition in half. Our goal is to take away the complexities of ad management and make it easily available to anyone. We can take care of everything to make your Ads budget go further. We include:

  • Account setup
  • Landing page creation
  • Call tracking
  • Conversion tracking
  • Customized dashboard
  • Daily optimization
  • Monthly transparent reporting

Our digital marketing experts know how to setup, optimize and manage your campaign from scratch.

We will reduce your cost per click thereby minimizing your cost and risk.

Why Trust Us

Our ad campaign managers are some of the most experience in Edmonton. We know Google Ads inside and out. If you want transparency and want to know if paid ads are viable for you, get in touch

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