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If you need to drive traffic to your website and generate leads fast, you need a smart Google ads strategy. We’ve got that for you. Let’s talk.

Qualified Leads On Demand

Fill your sales pipeline with quality leads

High-Converting Landing Pages

Improve your conversions with our proven landing pages

Dedicated Campaign Manager

Your own Google certified paid traffic expert

Transparent Reporting Dashboard

Know exactly what’s happening with your campaigns

Instant Leads, Not Instant Losses

The benefits of using Google Ads are endless. They drive unparalleled targeted traffic to your business, they are easily trackable, and they grow more effective over time. However, if your ads aren’t converting, you are throwing money away. That’s where we come in. At Snap SEO, our Google Ad specialists can help you bring your bottom line to the next level. Find out how we can provide you with the best Google ads Edmonton has to offer today. 

Why Google Ads Matter

81% of people research their products online before buying. Google has 91% of the search engine market share. 75% of users never search beyond the first page. If you aren’t ranking on the first page for keywords relevant to your business, you are leaving money on the table. Google’s pay-per-click ads put you at the top of their search engine landing pages for instant traffic from people who want what you’ve got. We can provide you with innovative pay-per-click management services that help you make the most of your campaign. 

Beyond PPC in Edmonton

PPC ads are popular and powerful, but they aren’t the only type of digital advertising available. Find out how our Google Ads agency can help you create high-performing lead generating ads, call-only ads, remarketing ads and effective ads for e-commerce companies.

Full Lead Gen Campaigns
Get high quality leads & form fills on autopilot.

Call Only Campaigns
Get customers calling you with the click of a button.

Retargeting Campaigns
Follow your website visitors around the web.

Google Shopping Campaigns
Get your products seen to grow sales and revenue.

How our Google Ad Services Work

You want a predictable pipeline of customers who are actually ready to buy.
That’s why we use our multi-step, strategic process to deliver maximum ROI.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Tell us your current strategy, what’s been working and what hasn’t. Then we will develop a plan. In addition to PPC, we will explore remarketing ads, lead generation ads and more.

Step 2: Generate Leads

When you harness the power of Google’s algorithms, your customers will find you. This provides a solid stream of traffic to your landing pages automatically. 

Step 3: Convert Sales

Once you have eyes on your business, it’s much easier to make a sale. All you have to do is create an amazing landing page, so your customers know what to do next. (P.S. We do those too!)

Why Choose Snap SEO’s Google Ad Management Services?


We are Local

We know the Edmonton market. That allows us to pinpoint the exact Google AdWords Edmonton customers are using to find businesses like yours.


We Get Results

Our clients consistently experience a high rate of return on every ad service we offer. This allows you to grow your business faster.


We Care

Our top priority is your success. That’s why we take a custom approach to each Google ad campaign and protect your budget with everything we’ve got.

How much does it cost?

Each campaign is different, but our goal is to provide you with the highest ROI possible on your advertising budget. Sign up and begin by filling out a simple form or give us a call to get a free estimate.

What our Customers are Saying

I hired Snap SEO for some urgent work that needed doing for my business. They delivered above and beyond the results I was after and was even able to do it within my seemingly unreasonable time frame that needed to be done. So glad to have worked with them and looking forward to more partnerships in the future.
Rachel Maksimovic
Raaw Media


Professionalism at its best. We hired Snap to do work for us over a year ago and they have delivered just like they said they would do. We are almost 1st on Google for most searches . Thanks to this team. Would give 6 stars.

Bob Hemmway
Verified Customer


Snap SEO is Amazing, from their press releases to their Social Media Marketing. They are the easiest to work with and most professional company to brand with.

Madison Aguirre

Work with the Best Google Advertising Company in Edmonton

If you are looking for the “best PPC manager near me,” you have come to the right place. Whether you need expert PPC ads or quality remarketing, Edmonton residents will respond too, we are here to help you build better ad campaigns every time.

Awesome Client Results

We developed a powerful strategy that produces incredible results. See what success looks like for our clients:

home improvement ppc case study

Earning an 8X ROI With Home Improvement Google Shopping

Muscular man working out on the battle ropes in a gym

Online Fitness Store Earns +5400% ROAS

grads throw their hats in the air in vilnus university to celebrate

Helping an E-Commerce Client With Disapproved Google Ads


Frequently Asked Questions

What are PPC ads?

PPC ads are a form of pay-per-click advertising, which means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. For example, if someone is searching for French restaurants in Edmonton on Google and they see an ad for one near the top of the page, they’re more likely to click it.

How do I know if I am a good fit for Snap Google Ads Management?

1.We want to confirm you are first a good market fit. If you are not getting consistent sales we recommend you try organic methods such as SEO before you try to scale with PPC.

If you are not getting consistent sale you should try using organic or free methods to make sure your product is right for the market and your sales processes are in place.

2. You should be able to commit three months

The start of a campaign is the most important as we find the keywords that are converting and optimize the campaigns. We ask that you stick with us for at least three months so we can really dial in your campaign.

What if I do not have a Google Ads account?

That’s no sweat. You can set one up here.

Is there a minimum ad spend?

For full lead generation and Google Shopping campaigns there’s a minimum ad spend of $1,000 / month and our call only and remarketing campaigns have a minimum ad spend of $250 / month.

Does Snap SEO need access to my Google Ads account?

Yes. We will need your 10 digit Google Ads ID which is found on your Google Ads Dashboard. From there we will send you a request.

What niches do you not accept?

We do not accept niches that are against Google’s Advertising policy, found here. Additionally, we don’t accept advertising on PPC terms (i.e. we won’t run ads for you to get PPC clients) as it would be a conflict of interest for us.

How will you deliver my reports?

Our goal is to be transparent. We will create you a custom dashboard you can access 24/7 to monitor your campaign.

Need help adding a CNAME record to your domain provider?

Here’s how to add a CNAME record. To see specific directions based on your domain provider, see the list below.
1. Go to your domain providers DNS settings
2. Create a CNAME

Information to enter in your CNAME record

Name: explore
TTL: Use existing answer
Points to:

Note: The business name it points to should be your business name.

Here is a completed example

Business Name Domain:

Name: explore
TTL: Use existing answer
Points to:

3) Click submit

What are conversion rates?

We try our best to optimize the conversion rates. You can get a baseline by check out the conversion rates by industry, and the average cost per click.

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