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Blogger Outreach Service

Securing Guest Post Positions to build your brand.

What is a Blogger Outreach or Guest Post Service?

Our blogger outreach service is where we manually reach out to other high quality blog, secure a guest post spot. We then craft a unique article with links back to your website. This is a high quality, white-hat linking service. Publications like this add astounding power to your backlinking efforts.

Real Sites! Real Power!

Just like our blogging service our content is professionally written and unique.

Our content creation team is well trained to manually reach out and get links you cannot buy. We include the link back to your site in a way that is relevant to the article we make it for.

The content we generate is for you! These are not SEO focused articles and they are written to provide value to the readers of the particular site we’re posting to.

After all that we provide you with a blogger outreach report.

Google News Approved Guest Posts

First and foremost we look for blogs that are Google News or Apple News Approved.

These sites have been vetted by Google and are apart of their news network allowing us to deliver a higher quality service than that of most our competitors.

Time Saving Outreach

To get good results at outreach blogging you need to take a lot of time and research.

Not all sites are created equal. When selecting a site we not only look at the Domain Authority we look at the spam score and numerous other traits to make sure the site we post on is quality.

The problem is time. This method takes time that most business owners do not have.

We are blogger outreach specialists!

So how does it work?

Just give us the your site's URL and anchor text and that’s it. Our team will review the order, confirm, and begin our research and outreach process.
We manually reach out through our network to secure a spot on a high domain authority site. We secure a spot as a guest to post an article and include your link in a relevant way. We will then write and publish your carefully crafted article on the blog with links back to your site
After your guest post is published,will provide you with a report to use yourself or hand off to a client.

Packages & Pricing

We have a variety of packages and prices to choose from and offer bulk rates which are already applied when ordering.

Our Snap Guest Post packages come in a variety of domain authority ranges DA 10 +, DA 20+, Da 30+, DA 40+ and DA 50+

Each Snap Guest Post includes: A High Quality Article Written, 1 URL / Keyword per post, 100% Real Site on the domain authority you selected. Order as a multi-pack and save!

Got Questions?

Are you looking to get started or got more questions? Contact our team today!

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Most Asked Questions

This doesn't normally happen but we will guarantee or fix any links that go offline for 90 days.
Once a guest post is created there is many ways to increase its power. Our two favorites is running a Snap Boost or Snap Syndication package to the newly created guest post. This will help multiply the power and even generate more links!
There are a few types of anchors that we don’t accept: -Geo-based keywords (Example: dentist YEG, plumber in Edmonton) as many publishers do not accept these as they are considered spammy. -Adult sites, pharma, or otherwise grey niches -Sexual Orientation based niches (example: porn) -Gambling and Casino Sites -Firearm-related niches -Foreign (non-English) keywords (for foreign keywords use our link building service) -Politics and International News
A DA or Domain Authority is a scale from 1 to 100. In simple terms it's how "powerful" a site is. Link backs to your site from any Domain Authority (DA) will help your site but will generally be more powerful the higher the DA rating.

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