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Achieve your goals with Edmonton's content marketing strategy agency.

Authority + Expertise = Trust

Content marketing is much more than just SEO copywriting and bringing traffic to your site. It does help with SEO but it shows the virtual world that you are an authority in your space. Our Edmonton SEO content writers do much more than bring traffic. We help position your business to engage customers, build authority and become a custodian for your industry.

A Content marketing Agency that promotes satisfaction

Content is, first and foremost, a way of helping your customers and you want them satisfied. By providing an opportunity to share quality information your readers benefit, your brand is build and ultimately your bottom line grows.

Solid content writing gives you a chance to share your company story while solving issues your audience faces – content they will, in turn, share.

With our seo Edmonton content writers on your team, it is us with you. We help you build trust with new and existing customers, but also with Google – the best content marketing provides natural SEO benefits.

Let's Talk Content Strategy.

Your Blog Makes You An Authority

You're an authority of your space but Google doesn't know that. Giving away free information sounds strange but it leads to great results. There are a few reasons you will want a well written blog.

Builds Authority - From an SEO perspective Google doesn't know you're an authority. It's stuck in cyber space and doesn't know how well you rock it in the real world. By building a blog you show search engines that you are an authority in your space both online and offline.

Builds Trust -Over time an avid read will build trust with your brand and eventually become a loyal customer. By creating regularly published articles you can help build value and naturally create enquiries that lead to sales.

Blogs Are Great For Multi-Channel Marketing

Solid content from a written blog can be used for more than building trust and SEO purposes. It is the starting point for your marketing campaigns.

An article written by our our content writers in Edmonton can be easily added into any social media, syndication or email marketing campaign going over and above the SEO benefits. For an added effect turn your content into a video!

Multilingual Copywriting

Edmonton is a multicultural city. There is many languages spoken and written and English may be your second language. You may prefer to do business in your native language or take advantage of the SEO benefits.

When it comes to SEO targeting keywords in another language can get you ranked faster as there is naturally less competition.

We are currently testing our article writing service in the following languages:

  • French Content Writing
  • Spanish Content Writing
  • German Content Writing

Blogs for Any Niche

We understand many niches need a more involved writer than others. With our content writing services we provide access to pre-qualified niche writers who have published in your industry and have been vetted by our staff to ensure a perfect fit.

Below is a list of niches we can currently offer:

  • Automotive
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business Products & Services
  • Career Services
  • Clothing & Fashion
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • Fashion
  • Food & Culinary
  • Gambling
  • Health and Fitness
  • Health Care & Medical
  • Home and Gardening
  • Home Services
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Lifestyle
  • Linguistics
  • Make Money Online
  • Marketing
  • Parenting
  • Personal Finance
  • Pets & Animals
  • Politics
  • Real Estate
  • Self Improvement
  • SEO
  • Sports and Athletics
  • Trades
  • Technology
  • Travel and Tourism
  • and more!

Blog Writing Packages

We have multiple packages and price points to choose form. Blog posts that are 500,1500 and 2000 words in length are available in equivalent packages by custom order.

Each blog is well researched; Our content writers research your subject as if they are a journalist investigating the next big news story. They are well thought out and professionally written. Discounts for bulk orders.

What's Included

Creating blogs day after day for the same niche can get hard. Choosing topics and keywords, doing research it takes up a large portion of your day when you can be running your business. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure our blog content writing service is the best one available. Here’s what’s included with our Snap Blog Writing.

Snap Blogger Fully Managed Blogging Service Enterprise Level Content Topic ideation SEO and Voice Search Optimization Unlimited revisions Clean HTML formatting 1 Stock image included Top 1% of our Writers [English Only] Direct posting to your site (Optional, WordPress) Order
Snap Blogger Express Pure Blogging Experience Choose your writers experience Set your target keywords 2 Revisions Delivery in Word Format Order

Contact our SEO Content Writers

From out right SEO to content marketing services our experts in Edmonton can help you create an effective content marketing strategy that will enable your brand to break new ground, without breaking the bank.

Learn more about our content marketing techniques and where it fits into the our SEO, social media marketing, and guest posting puzzle.

Let us Write Your Story
satisfaction guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Creating content for others is a hard task. Having something so elegantly crafted that speaks to the audience while conveying your brands voice and services is no easy feat. This is why we will write until you’re satisfied. We offer unlimited revisions on our Snap Blogger and 2 Revisions on Snap Blogger Express. This is so we can get it perfect for you.

It doesn’t stop there. If you are unsatisfied with our Snap Blogger writing services send us an email within 21 days of receiving your report and we will work with you to make it right.

Does not include express writing.

Most Asked Questions

Absolutely! We will honestly say we are not your business and cannot get it right every time. If we pitch you a topic you don't like simply reject it and leave feedback in the form we provide you. Please note that once you approve a topic and our writer gets started, the topic cannot be changed.
Some times an article needs some edits, or you just don't like the whole thing. That's fine. If you need some edits to make the article just right let us know. For Snap Blogger Click the "reject" button and leave feedback. For Snap Blogger Express contact your account manager. Optionally you can attach a document with your suggested revision requests.
Absolutely! We will go over topic suggestions and target keywords in the order form. More often than not we will accommodate your request.
Yes! We would recommend you check our our web copy writing and product description writing services.
Yes! We take SEO into consideration for all our blog posts on Snap Blogger.
For Snap Blogger Express the lower levels are not optimized for SEO.
Yes, We craft headlines to be optimized for voice search.

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