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Content marketing is much more than just SEO copywriting and bringing traffic to your site. It does help with SEO but it shows the virtual world that you are an authority in your space. Our SEO copywriters in Edmonton do much more than bring traffic. We help position your business to engage customers, build authority and become a custodian for your industry.

A Content marketing Agency that promotes satisfaction

Content is, first and foremost, a way of helping your customers and you want them satisfied. By providing an opportunity to share quality information your readers benefit, your brand is build and ultimately your bottom line grows.

Solid content gives you a chance to share your company story while solving issues your audience faces – content they will, in turn, share.

With our seo content marketing copywriters on your team, it is us with you. We help you build trust with new and existing customers, but also with Google – the best content marketing provides natural SEO benefits.

Let's Talk Content Strategy.

Your Blog Makes You An Authority

You're an authority of your space but Google doesn't know that. Giving away free information sounds strange but it leads to great results. There are a few reasons you will want a well written blog.

Builds Authority - From an SEO perspective Google doesn't know you're an authority. It's stuck in cyber space and doesn't know how well you rock it in the real world. By building a blog you show search engines that you are an authority in your space both online and offline.

Builds Trust -Over time an avid read will build trust with your brand and eventually become a loyal customer. By creating regularly published articles you can help build value and naturally create enquiries that lead to sales.

Blogs Are Great For Multi-Channel Marketing

A well written blog can be used for more than building trust and SEO purposes. It is the starting point for your marketing campaigns.

An article written by our our content copywriters can be easily added into any social media, syndication or email marketing campaign going over and above the SEO benefits.

Multilingual Copywriting

Edmonton is a multicultural city. There is many languages spoken and written and English may be your second language. You may prefer to do business in your native language or take advantage of the SEO benefits.

When it comes to SEO targeting keywords in another language can get you ranked faster as there is naturally less competition.

We are currently testing our article writing service in the following languages:

  • French Copywriting
  • Spanish Copywriting
  • German Copywriting

Contact our SEO Content Marketing Copywriters

From out right SEO to content marketing services our experts in Edmonton can help you create an effective content marketing strategy that will enable your brand to break new ground, without breaking the bank.

Learn more about our content marketing techniques and where it fits into the our SEO, social media marketing, and guest posting puzzle. Contact us today.

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