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SEO Link Building

Lay the foundation the right way with our website marketing team in Edmonton.

Quality Link Building Service

Our SEO team in Edmonton knows quality links to your website is the #1 factor in getting your site ranked. In-content link building services is the best way to build your sites search engine rankings.

Quality link backs to your website act as an upvote on your content very similar to an upvote on reddit. The more upvotes the higher your pages rank by funneling in traffic from each link. Link building is an essential component of any effective seo and website marketing strategy

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Our Link Building Process

Getting real results requires serious link building. We offer an aggressive, scalable and reliable link building solution.

All you need to do is give us the URLs and keywords and we will do the rest. Feel free to relax or have a Piña colada as we do the work for you.

Our copywriters start by generating content specifically crafted for your website. A digital strategists then look for high quality sites like Wordpress, Blogspot (owned by Google) and Tumblr to place your fresh content with contextual links.

In our fully managed seo services we then back up these properties with multiple tiers of backlinks simulating organic, viral marketing. Then we slow drip articles for the next three weeks mimicking viral growth.

Simulate the Viral Process

Optionally, we simulate your website going viral by building a second tier of links to your website and slow drip them over time to show search engines your site is going viral.

This option is great for boosting your first tier of links, social media pages and your YouTube account.

Our Link Building Methodology

Analysis - We begin ever managed seo campaign with a website analysis.Even if your website has no links it still has a web profile. The first step is looking at your profile and any penalty that may come with it.

Strategy - Client needs are important. We look at the pages they want to rank and create a strategy around that. We cannot do this without first understanding our clients page intent. This means looking at their business needs, industry, clients and competitors. We then use this intelligence to build a long-term, sustainable plan for your business.

Authority -Not all links are created equal. Some links have more influence over others. We see no value from low quality links from untrusted sites. We do our research to pick build links that deliver value to help boost rankings.

Page Intent -We only build links that fit with your niche. This was Google clearly knows what your website is about. The more clear the page intent the better the rankings. Think of it as a sphere of influence.

Diversity - Quality links come from an array of opportunities. We build from a range of sources, from blogs, social media, curated directories and more. We leverage a broad range of sources.

Learn how sustainable SEO leads to sustainable results

Find out about our no-nonsense link building approach to search engine optimization and website development. Website marketing is good for your brand and your bottom line. Get in touch with our website marketing team in Edmonton.

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