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Why local SEO?

Getting ranked on organic listings is one thing. Getting ranked on Google Maps when someone is trying to come to your business is essential.

Snap SEO will help you get more visibility online by putting you in top local and industry directories to help you get ranked in Google Maps and Apple Maps. This also helps increase the rankings of your website and the rankings of your Google My Business page!

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is about optimizing your site and search results to gain attention of your local audience. This is done through a range of strategies that get you organic, map and paid listings.

Having a reliable agency that can localize your business in any city around the globe shows a lot about the competency of the agency and is often included in our broader SEO strategy.Improving your businesses local search engine visibility calls for a different kind of SEO strategy and website optimisation experience – local SEO expertise is something we are well versed in.

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Step 1: Citation Audit

Where others fail, we excel. This essential step is where our competition goes wrong. Here consistency is key. This is an extremely detailed and time intense step. We use a mix of automated and manual searches to create a complete profile of your website.

This results in a fully detailed report, including a road map on how to repair incorrect citations most effectively.

Step 2: Local Directory Citations

Local directory citations are the money makers in local SEO. We make sure you are in the right directories for your niche.

We use three different strategies.We claim all the most important directories where possible, and provide detailed instructions for all others that should be verified by the client.

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Step 3: Rich Media

As the internet grows more robust we are seeing an increase in rich media. Photos, video and virtual reality are all up and coming fields. Anyone can do submissions but we make ours count!

We strengthen your results with geo-tagged photos and video. Plus we add citations and links from other rich media sources.


Step 4: Social Citations

There's no doubt that social media is every growing. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, it never ends. Year after year it is becoming more and more important to have a positive social media presence.

We create well thought out, professional and legit submissions to high authority sites.

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We have helped many clients and have many positive reviews. Why? Because we are here to stay! From content marketing to ethical link building we provide only white-hat SEO services. We offer sustainable solutions and results. So contact our SEO team in Edmonton for a free consultation. No hassle. No hard sell. It's us with you.

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