Citation Audit & Cleanup

Citation Audit

How the internet preceives you locally and globally is a huge deal. A wrong citation can ruin your Local SEO game.
This human powered report helps you find out where you stand, what citations are wrong and what is good.

What 's included?

Name, Address and Phone Variations (NAP): This is a big and you don't want anything wrong. major search engines like Google take this into consideration when ranking especially when quering geo-targeted searches.

Existing Correct Citations: It's nice to know if you're on the right track.

Incorrect Citations: Just like our bodies if you work out, you get fit, if you work on SEO you get results. We will show you where you went wrong and what Snap SEO can help you improve on.

Aggregator Citations: Some aggregators have high domain authority and send out the wrong data. We'll let you know if they have the wrong data.

Citation Cleanup

The number one cause for poor local rankings is inconsistent and incorrect citations. Let Snap SEO do the harm reduction and clean up for you.

In this busy world and every growing internet wrong citations can happen to any one and any where. Our businesses grow, down size and even move with economic trends. While all this is happening our local citations can get a little messy. Some of the more common incorrect citation listings happen for the following reasons:

  • You moved and got a new address
  • You got a new phone number
  • You have different variations of your name
  • An aggregator picked up some wrong information

What ever the reason this can put your search engine optimization game to a screeching hault. If these votes are going to incorrect sources there is no way you can get the fuel to rank higher.

These need to be fixed and Snap SEO will fix them for you!

What do we do?

This is no easy task. Every citation and aggregator is different has has many different obstacles we have to cross. We manually go in and change every incorrect citation. We do this in a few easy steps.

  1. Citation Audit- We need to know what went wrong and where.
  2. Manual Harm Reduction - We manually reach out to aggregators and directories.
  3. Cleanup - No Marry poppins magic here we clean up and correct all inconsistencies.
  4. Deliver your report - We will include all the incorrect citations we fixed as well as any recommendations moving forward.

Note: We may have to impersonate someone from your company to complete this service as we found being a representative of your company creates a more authentic feel for the receiving party. As a result you may get increased phone calls and emails confirming these changes.


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