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Edmonton, Want a Website Design That Delivers?

You need a web design company that does too!

Quick Website Design That Understands SEO and Your Brand.

Your website is the forefront of your brand. You want something that is clean and modern while performing beautiful. You want it intuitive for humans to use with the technical back end for Google. This is what sets us apart from other web design companies in Edmonton.

Build My Site

Why Reinvent The Wheel?

We use WordPress and Joomla. Both are powerful open source platforms with hundreds of extensions. There are thousands of themes out there so why reinvent the wheel? We partner with numerous theme designers to find a perfect theme for you, we customize it to offer a unique look and feel that fits your brand. This keeps costs low and turn around times high.

Not feeling it? Ask us about custom web design and development.

Add More Power

Out of the box Joomla and WordPress don’t offer all the power for SEO. Adding crucial plugins can speed up your site, increase on-page optimization and make your website more efficient to crawl. These premium plugins are included into the price of your final set up. Best of all these plugins continue to handle your on-page SEO well after the site is complete.

Positive User Experience (UI)

Have you ever been to a site where it’s not intuitive to use? Making a site feel natural or intuitive is not by accident. It’s the result of proper user experience planning from copywriting, branding, design and development. We carefully choose theme developers that create a positive user experience that engages users and convert theme into paying customers.

E-Commerce Websites

Wanting a site that effectively sells your products? You need more than a shopping cart icon and copy & pasted product descriptions. You need a shopping site that’s secure, scalable and with original content. Our sites are responsive / mobile friendly and offer different shipping and payment options. You need integrated services to power your site – SEO, Google Ads and social media marketing to reach the right audience.

Fire on All Cylinders

This sounds boring but is actually crucial for your website. Google releases a Lighthouse update and makes load speed an important factor in search engine rankings. With the Snap Speed option, you’ll be off to the races.

We will fix all the issues causing your site to slow down and will guaranteed a page load speed of 3 seconds of less.

Web Design the Snap Way

Good Edmonton web designers are dime a dozen, right? Wrong! If you’re wanting a reliable and effective web design and development company - a company like ours is the right choice.

We make growing your online presence feel easy.

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