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How to sell digital marketing on the phone: Setting expectations what what to say

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To speak to as many customers as it is possible to book, it’s essential to have the ability to streamline the conversation by guiding the telephone.

A frequent error is to begin talking and selling your product and services, but this can overwhelm and turn the customer off.

Rather, we want to think of those calls as consultations instead of sales calls.

Plus, because we’ve already heated up the customer with that killer inbound marketing, so the close should be very easy!

Here are the proper Actions to the sales telephone:

Step 1: Asking the right questions.

When selling digital marketing services you should be asking questions so you can understand the client’s market and gain insight into what’s important to them in the sale.

Here are some examples of questions you can request:

“Could you provide me an summary of your business enterprise?”

This question helps you understand some basics of their specific company and its challenges.

Look for the language they use, services or products they want to market to find some tips for keywords or webpages to target.

“what’s your past history with SEO?”

They’ll give you a sign of the knowledge level and exactly what SEO work they might have bought previously if any. This can help guide how technical you are about the conversation.

“what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past?”

If PPC advertising hasn’t worked for your client in the past, it’s likey they won’t want it. You can begin narrowing down the services they may need.

You can research by doing a little to check to see if they have had any sketchy work for their site, which means it is possible to speak to how you are different. For example, even just explaining how outdated techniques are ineffective and clearly showing the present ranking factors can go a long way.

“What is a normal sale just like for you personally?”

The idea with this is to put something in your pocket to clearly explain the return on their investment for them.

For example: When a roofer’s average roofing job is worth $10k, and if they are spending $2k a month on SEO, they could get on a contract for 5 weeks, and if they even get 1-2 clients, they could break even or get favourable ROI very easily.

Focus the conversation on how much ROI the search engine optimization work you do will create over time.

“What keywords are you looking at targeting?”

Individuals will often decide on some keywords they want to go after prior to speaking with you. It’s great to check on this early to see where their mind is at regarding keywords even though you will do some research for them.

What do you need to attain?”

You need to minimize your time on the call while still being successful. That being said, it may pay to give them a moment to answer a more open-ended query like this.

They will feel more known by you if you provide them with a chance to explain their answer to this question.

More to the point, they’ll provide you additional signals as to their company’s challenges, some of which can not be solved through SEO (such as a bad product or bad service on their end).

Asking what they would like to attain allows you to know their expectations for your ceremony and if these expectations may be fulfilled (or readjusted) by you.

Step 2: Do a Quick SEO Diagnosis

During the call, you can perform a live SEO Analysis for a handle on where they are at now, as well as compared to competitors.

Being able to rattle off stats, keywords quickly, and opportunities places you as an authority while on the telephone.

We recommend a tool like Ahrefs or Small SEO tools to do the analysis.

Some simple tools to impress your client may be :

  • Current ranking keywords & easy wins
  • Current Backlinks
  • Competitor Backlinks
  • Strategy Recommendations

Comparing your customer’s metrics for their competitors is a powerful psychological strategy. Something aggressive in human nature unlocks when you can say, “This competition is getting this much traffic and backlinks.”

Use Analogies:

If they have indicated a lot of SEO knowledge, you could be simple in using this language. However, for nearly all clients, you should explain SEO in a way that’s easy to understand.

The simplest way to describe SEO to your client is through simple analogies.

A good deal of everything you do to SEO concerns gaining traffic to your client’s website. When they ask about the significance of backlinks, explain the concept to them as being just like a vote or a mention.

If 40 people refer you to a pizzeria, then you’ll trust that place far more than if only one or two folks refer you there. Google is the same: if 40 people link to you one person, Google trusts you more.

Then you can describe backlink quality.

Sites with much more authority are like a 5-star chef speaking to a restaurant versus just anyone on the road.

Getting them a greater quality backlink from a site like USA Today may have more of an impact on their site than many low-quality links.

Emphasize that the”votes” obtained through backlinks and other work are long-lasting.

SEO is like a rocket ship: you have to devote a lot to get it off the floor. Once you get it going and their website is an authority, it is easier to keep going.

If your client doesn’t know about SEO, you can compare pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and SEO to buying and renting a home.

“When you rent a home and stop paying you’re kicked out of the home and just like PPC when you stop paying you lose your spot. Where as when you own a home you only need to pay property tax and upkeep. With SEO we build properties that stay there long after your PPC is gone for longer more permanent results.”

Setting Expectations

It’s extremely important to establish expectations when promoting SEO.

Results: It can be easy to go down the rabbit hole. SEO will help bring visitors to the website, but it’s only a bit of the marketing puzzle. Their visitors still need to complete a form, so you can call them or get their email addresses. Then your customer should actually answer the phone, respond to this email, close to the bargain, etc… It is a good idea to focus on simply the”increasing organic traffic” part of the equation vs promising a range of calls or sales (you do not always control that.)

Timelines: In our experience, it usually takes approximately three weeks of constant building to begin seeing substantial results. Sometimes it may be significantly less, or occasionally it can take approach changes after month 3. You do not wish to do anything competitive that would damage the site; you desire a nice progressive build-out.

The majority of lost clients occur due to poor communication. Ensure customers are in the loop at all times!

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