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How We Became a Growth Engine

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A lot of us want results fast. We wanted instant messages, instant coffee, fast food and fast business growth. Within a year of operations, we quickly scaled to have a base of operations in Toronto, Edmonton and Perth, Australia.

Instead of being a poor winner we want to help you do the same – WIN.

Let’s Begin

1. Make Rapid Growth Your Goal

At first this sounds pretty obvious but you’d be surprised at how often this gets missed. When we first started our agency, we were growing but not as fast as we wanted. Business was okay but we knew it could be better.

This issue arises with many of our clients. You want rapid growth but you are doing your day to day activities and ignoring your marketing efforts.

We know by first hand experience it’s easy to get sucked into the grind of emails, phone calls, meetings, and other work that keeps you busy but stifles the growth of your business. It’s great to have a business moving along but an underlying killer in your business is complacency.

Speaking from previous construction and heavy industrial experience complacency kills – literally. It can kill you and your business. Complacency is where you get stuck so it’s important to make growth your goal.

When you set growth as your goal you and your team can:

  • Be challenged to grow and become stronger
  • Find new, or more effective ways to reach your market
  • Use creative thinking to solve problems
  • Raise funding to develop future products
  • Grow as a team

It’s important to remember that most people want career advancement. When you make growth your goal not only you grow as a person so does your team. As a result, the lives of everyone involved becomes enriched.

Actionable Tip: Write Your main goal – Growth. Then break it down into steps on how you can achieve growth. Perhaps sitting down with your team or mentor ca help you break down your main goal into smart goals. Are your daily activities helping you reach more customers? How can your smart goals better help your customers?

2. Properly Invest in Marketing

We often hear clients be proud of the fact they spent no money on marketing. That’s not something to be proud about.

A businesses main purpose is to get a return on investment (ROI). If you were to spend a million dollars on marketing and make two million dollars you are still making a million dollars. If you spent no money you miss out on a million dollars – get it?

Where do you start?

Here at Snap SEO we are big fans of getting recycling content and using multiple channels of marketing. Each channel can be a goldmine so it’s important to not put all your eggs in one basket.

A vast majority of marketers opt to invest into SEO first. The core of SEO is content which makes this the starting point.

By building content that answers your customers most asked questions before making a purchase you are creating “marketing soldiers”. This is evergreen content that will stay relevant for years to come.

As you create content your website gets associated with different keywords that would be missing out on otherwise. You post it on social media, run ads to your content or add a link to your content when doing an email blast. This is what we call a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Once you have found the right content you can accelerate the growth by running pay-per-click advertising.

Actionable tip: Start by creating content by using the latest SEO methods. Power your content by using multiple media channels to market it.

Need Professional help? We got you covered: content creationSEOSocial Media Marketing.

3. Let it Grow

In each stage of your business you may want to do something different. We began by investing in marketing and creating a system that directs users to our content and sales flow by building relationships.

Actionable Tips: Let the hard times build strength. Life does get harder but we get stronger. Enjoy your challenges, read our Snap Blog and implement the free tips.


In order for a dream to come true you must first dream it. By making growth your goal and taking action it will create a snowball effect. In time everything will change for the better.

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