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7 Copywriting Tips Backed by Science

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In this post we’d like to share some useful copywriting tips that can be invaluable in improving your writing and ultimately make your copy carry a bigger punch.

Guess what? The tips we’re going to be sharing with you are fully backed up by science. No shooting in the dark here hoping to hit the mark. Everything we are going to be discussing has been tested and proven to work.
Ready? Let’s dive in.

Keep it simple

No fluffing, no use of fancy, poetic or cool words to impress your readers. Let’s face it; we are in the business of using words to connect, convince and convert prospects, not to win literary awards.

If your readers must rack their brains or consult a dictionary every few seconds to understand your content, the probability of losing your customer to a competitor with more accessible content is high.

Research has shown that web readers have a short attention span. This means you’ve got a single shot to engage your readers before you lose them. Never assume your readers would understand a complex word because it sounds impressive when a simple word will do. In most cases, they don’t!

Use numbers

The use of numbers in your content makes it more concrete, which helps in making the content stick to the mind of your readers. Source

Numbers have been proven to make it easier for our brains to make snese of what we are reading. A study carried out by Takipi also shows that while numbers work well in headlines in capturing reader’s attention, the use of digits makes content more shareable.
It’s a no-brainer why we have a lot of online headlines including numerals. It works!

Include persuasive power words

Research has shown that the use of some words (called power words) increases the persuasiveness of a copy, boost conversion and helps to sell more.

Words such as Free, You, Because, Instantly, New and so on are examples of power words that have been proven to nudge people to take action. They are usually used to trigger an emotional reaction or a psychological one.

Power words are ideal for calls-to-action, headlines, email subject lines, opening sentences and so on.

Strong verbs

While research (performed by Dan Zarella) has shown that the using verbs more than a noun in a copy improves the persuasion, impact, and appeal of a copy, it is critical to know which kind of verbs to use. We recommend using strong verbs while avoiding weak verbs at all costs.

Strong verbs colour your copy, adds vitality to it and paints a better picture that ultimately engages your readers. The use of strong verbs makes it possible for readers to visualize an action.

For instance, He slammed the door on his way out, zigzag through the trees and barged into the room of our neighbors who were playing loud music.
The rat chuckled as it scurried away with old grandma fish last night leftover, with old grandma trudging behind noisily.

Avoid generic claims, use concrete value

The use of generic claims rather than concrete value diminishes the potency of your copy. Copy with generic claims lacks substance, erodes credibility, and smash believability. Findings have shown the use of concrete value makes it easy to remember your copy which increases the probability of your targets acting on it.

For instance:
Instead of writing – a lot of companies rely on us to provide security …, TRY
436+ companies rely on us to provide security
Instead of writing – the Nissan XYZ car is a very fast car … TRY
The Nissan XYZ car accelerates from 0 – 60mph in 2 seconds…

Get the logic now?

Create a curiosity gap

When it comes to getting through people’s defensive walls and engaging them with content, using the element of curiosity works surprisingly well.

Evoking curiosity makes people more willing to respond to you, eager to get to the answers to fill the gap created by your copy.

Words that induces curiosity includes such as hidden, taboo, odd, rare, wonder, mystery, surprise, strange, etc.

The element of curiosity is the vastly used in sales copy headlines, email subject lines to increase click rate and so on.

Use of social proof

Let me ask you a question.
Which of these online sellers will you be comfortable and willing to buy a product from?

  • A bed seller with over 450 raving reviews or
  • A bed seller with just 0 reviews?

If chose (a) or you’ve bought a product or service based on testimonials or reviews from other customers who have used it, then you’ve seen the power of social proof in action.

According to research on the six principles of ideas that stick. Adding social proofs to your copy can significantly increase the impact your copy has on your readers. When used appropriately, they can substantially influence the buying decisions of your prospects.

It also helps to increase your copy authenticity and authority. Social proof is not limited to testimonial or reviews alone, expert opinions, size of followership on social media etc. can also be used as social proof.

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