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YouTube SEO: How to Get More Traffic Using Video

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In the digital marketing video production is a rapid growing medium. It offers many more benefits over traditional textual content. It is more memorable and engaging by adding a new sense – sound.

Adding a new sense to marketing will help create a closer bond. Just as a video call bonds two people over seas better than an instant message, video can bond you and your audience at a deeper level. Not only that it can do wonderful things for your SEO.

To determine your page rank Google analyzes a multitude of criteria to determine where your page should rank on a search engine page.

By adding video content, you can have direct influence over some major Google ranking factors.

Let’s take a look at how this is all possible and how video marketing can impact your pages major ranking signals.

1. Increased Dwell Time

Dwell Time is just that – how long a user dwells around on your page. It is the actual time that a user remains on your page before bouncing. 

While we fully agree and support creating longer blog topic articles that are fun and engaging to the visitor on thing remains true. Nothing increases dwell time on your page than a video.

We found that a video will instantly grab a user’s attention and keeps them engaged for the duration of the video. Not only that; You will notice improvements that go beyond the length of the video. Wistia did a study that showed users will spend over twice the amount of time on a page with a video than those without.

graph of average time on site showing youtube seo works

This is good news because Google’s view point is that the longer a user spends on a site it is adding more value. The more value is seen as a higher authority and as a result your page will get placed higher on the totem pole. Higher up on the search engine rankings means more traffic and oh yeah – more sales.

2. Increased page Quality

Offering your users high quality, valuable content in varying forms of media means a better page quality. It also adds to your user experience and accessibility for those who may have a hard time reading such as English as a second language users and the visually impaired.

Pages with better, longer content consistently rank better than pages with short mediocre content. Why not add videos to further show your users that you are an authority in your space?

Word count graph
Image Source

Limiting your webpages to being only contextually based will leave you in the dust. Your competition will continually outrank you with stronger, more diverse content. By having a healthy mix of text, images and video is a sure-fire way to boost your page quality.

A page that is unique and informative that is made extra unique with video will receive a page quality ranking by Google than your competition. A higher page quality means higher rankings!

3. Backlinks

Backlinks are the most important ranking factor when it comes to getting your page ranked. As mentioned, video embedded on your pages will help increase the overall quality but it will also get you more links.

When you provide content with value it gets valued and shared. As a result, more websites will begin linking to your content without the need for manual outreach.

study by Moz shows that having a mix of video and text on your content can triple the number of backlinks that pages receives!

It gets better! By hosting your videos on search engines like YouTube and Vimeo (or whatever you choose), you can place links back to your website in the description. That’s a free high-quality backlink!

Getting the Most from your Videos

By now you should see the benefits of having a video on your page. If they are not glaring you down saying “implement me”. Then re-read the top section of this article. Elsewise continue on. Let’s look at some times on how you can maximize the value of the video you just created.

1. Make videos that are relevant and educational in content.

If your website doesn’t provide value this tip will have very little benefit. A large majority of search engine traffic comes from people looking for information and not wanting to buy your products. Capturing this audience is important.

Purpose – If your video has no purpose then what is it you are making a video for? Is it to shed a light on something important like your brand, educate your customer and user base or solve a problem?

If you’ve been using our services you will very likely have content hat does this.

To find one of the most relevant topics for your webpage try taking a look at your most viewed pages on your Google analytics and try creating a video about these pages as you already know they are popular.

2. Upload your videos to YouTube

With over 2 billion active monthly users YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world!

If you are not taking advantage of this huge audience than you are missing out! Take advantage of this brand-new traffic source.

When you link back to your website with each upload, you can get a huge increase in traffic.

3. Optimize your YouTube Channel

When you upload your video to YouTube you will be prompted to fill out every detail for your video.

optimized youtube inputs - showcasing youtube seo

Filling out this prompt provides YouTube and readers with some additional information. Add a title, description, and tags with relevant keywords. This will help get your video ranked.

4. Add the videos to your website

One the most important aspect of this strategy is adding the video to your website.

Embed your videos on the webpages that have similar contextual content. This will help build your page intent. Pages with a clearer intent will get ranked better in Google helping to fuel the traffic.

When you embed your content be use the code provided to you from YouTube. Don’t upload It directly to your website as the links between your site and Youtube is what helps you get all the benefits.

5. Consistency is key

We’ve mentioned it before and we will be mentioned it again – be consistent. Any SEO strategy requires you to be consistent as everything builds off each other.

You must create videos consistently, uploading and adding them to your site in order to achieve optimal results.

Once you get a good process going be sure to set a schedule. Your subscribers will begin looking at your page at regular intervals if you are consistent.


Sticking to the rules and guidelines set out above will help you create solid video content in no time flat.

Creating video is a very time-consuming process and the ability to pump out YouTube optimized content week is something not everyone has time for. If this is you and you would still love to reap the rewards then you are a perfect candidate for Snap SEO’s video production. With Snap Video Production we take your existing content and turn it into a high-quality blog that is SEO friendly. You don’t have to write a script; shoot take after take or edit a thing. All you have to do is provide us with a link to your content, and we take care of the rest.

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