What is White Label SEO?

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Thanks for your interest in the reseller program.

Our reseller, or white label program, offers you discounts on many of our products to help you offer marketing services to your clients.

What is a white-label program?

To white label means putting your logo or branding on another company’s product. Think about coffee.

Company A, Quick Stop Coffee, buys coffee from a distributor, and the distributor’s brand of coffee is Acme coffee Co. Quick Stop Coffee sells their coffee roast under their brand without them saying Acme Coffee provides it.

Quick stop coffee effectively puts a white label or their private label on the coffee. The end customer thinks they are simply drinking Quick Stop Coffee.

White Label programs are everywhere. They are seen in grocery stores with different brands of soda, dropshipping, Amazon making their products (Amazon Basics), and much more.

Our white label program is very similar to the coffee shop example. The brand that you create sells Snap SEO services to your clients, and Snap SEO does not put our logo on the reports for SEO and Marketing services.

This is very similar to how many businesses operate. This also means that you will be in charge of your customers and pricing.

what is white labelling seo

Marketing White Label Services

Getting a service to market is the goal of any business or brand, and how you market the products is up to you.

We are fans of cold calling. This lead generation form is often underrated and a powerful way to get clients, especially if you’re bootstrapping and have no funding for paid advertising or seo.

As a reseller, it is important to note: that you are creating your brand, not ours.
Because Snap will also be operating in the market under our own brand name & following the same list pricing guidelines, we do not want customers to get confused and have your leads contact us. The Snap brand is for distributors only. Our brand is not to be used to sell to end users, to ensure all of our resellers are getting fair & equal pricing.

I Got a Lead. What Now?

Great Job! You’ve done some cold calls and lead-generating emails. Your clients are coming towards you. What’s next?

Knowing what each service does and why we pick these services can be pretty daunting. After all, there are over 100 different products/variations.

Don’t know everything? That’s okay. We are here with you behind the scenes. Shoot us an email or phone call with a budget, and we will help educate you on some of the products and why we chose these to help benefit your client.

Don’t overthink it. SEO can be as complex or as simple as you’d like it to be. Keeping things simple to not confuse your customer will win you brownie points. Speak in a language they understand – we will help you do that.

Need help choosing the right plan for your business?

Reach out any time. We’ll be happy to go over what plan makes the most sense for you.
Let us simplify things for you with a free marketing strategy plan – without obligations.

Taking Payments and MarkUp.

If you’re making it this far, we can assume your marketing worked, and you got a client.

Paying yourself is essential to keeping your business going and giving you a positive cash flow so you can earn an income.

Back to the original example of the coffee shops.

Acme Coffee sold its beans to Quick Stop Coffee. As a business, Quick Stop coffee needs to survive and make some money. To do this Quick Stop will apply a markup to the coffee it got from its supplier, Acme Coffee. To apply a 25% markup Quick stop would take the coffee products and multiply them by 1.25 to get the price plus 25% markup.

A similar situation is applied to a Snap SEO reseller.

You will mark up your products as you see fit to make a profit. We recommend a 30% markup on most SEO services.

Once you markup your services, you will need to take payment.

We recommend a few options but having your client on a recurring subscription makes the most sense for SEO. To do this, we recommend Stripe or Wave.

These platforms easily allow you to bill a customer by credit card, create recurring invoices, and more.

Take special note of recurring invoices. SEO is very much a subscription-based product, so you’re building a recurring income.

The difference percentage you markup – costs are your profits/pay.

blast off your services with white label seo services

Service Fulfilment

Now that you’ve taken payment, it’s time to render services for your clients.

Log in to your reseller account at Snap SEO and click the “Account” Button.

If you do not have a reseller account, simply register on our site by clicking the “Account” button at the top of the page and register there.

Send us an email by navigating to the contact page.

In the email, include the email you registered with so we can continue setting your account up as a reseller.

Once you are logged in, click the “Place order” button and navigate to the product of your choice. Fill out the prompts.

Pro Tip: Knowing these fields beforehand can help gather information during discovery sessions.

Once all the prompts are filled out you can proceed through the rest of the checkout process.

White Label SEO Fulfilment:

Once our team confirms the payment and inputs, we will begin working on your order. Usually, an order takes about a month to fulfill. Still, some products like our blogger outreach services may take a bit longer.

Our team will email you if extra information is needed or the next step. This is common for blog posts ( accepting topics and articles) and copywriting services.


At the end of the month, we will send you a report of the work completed.

Note: We only give keyword ranking tracking for managed seo clients. We recommend setting up a search console or another ranking tracking for your clients.

🌎 A portion of all proceeds goes to a charitable cause.🌎