How We Grew A Law Firm’s Backlinks by 800%

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Backlinks are the heart of SEO, yet they may be tough to obtain. This case study will discuss how we assisted a legal practice in increasing their referring domains from 45 to 500.

They came to us with a substantial volume of high-quality material that we could utilize to assist them in obtaining additional links from websites with high authority.

We assisted them in raising their monthly organic traffic from 300 to over 5,000 by using a long-term link building and blogger outreach plan.

Continue reading to find out how we accomplished it.


At the end of 2019, we began collaborating with a well-known personal injury law firm. They wanted to increase the number of backlinks they had to improve their internet rating and presence.

Because there are so many companies contending for the same keywords in one town, law firm SEO is famously competitive. The cost-per-click (CPC) when purchasing PPC advertising for law firms, for example, can be hundreds of dollars.

The SEO Audit

Before we can begin assisting a new client, we must undertake an SEO audit of their website to determine their strengths, flaws, and places for improvement.

The firm’s organic traffic in October 2019 was roughly 300 visits per month, and they were ranking for roughly 650 keywords. To put in this context, their main competitor currently receives around 3,000 visitors each month.

We knew it was feasible to increase their monthly traffic by constructing backlinks and assisting them in optimizing their sites for ranking keywords.

Our initial move was to find “easy win” keywords and get them to work for our client following the site analysis.

The “Easy Wins” Keyboard Analysis

This step is a simple and efficient technique to start enhancing a client’s SEO in any campaign. So what precisely are “easy win” keywords?

These are the keywords for which you are already ranking in positions 4-30. They aren’t in the top three, but they are still rating, which suggests that we can get them there with a little love. It’s a quick and easy technique to increase previously effective keywords to assist in generating traffic.

These “easy win” keywords included phrases like “grapevine conditions,” “101 freeway,” and “car accidents near me.”

Once determined, these keywords can be utilized in site text (web copy) or blogs. For example, the phrase “grapevine circumstances” was used in a blog post about what to do if you were trapped on this famous California freeway.

Competitive Gap Analysis

We can evaluate everything about our clients and their competition thanks to the powerful digital technologies we utilize for SEO. This allows us to learn about what is working in the industry and uncover new prospects for our clients.

A competitive gap analysis aims not to accomplish the same thing as our client’s competition. We acknowledge that every law firm is unique and that not all legal terms apply to every practice. This research assists us in identifying terms that our clients share with a competitor.

For instance, the law firm is now ranked for 11,279 distinct keywords. They have 6,577 keywords in common with their nearest competition. On the other hand, the competitor law firm ranks for an extra 11,035 keywords that our client does not. We may search through this list for terms that will work for our client.

We may also look at some of the websites that are supplying backlinks to competitors. There may be a possibility of obtaining a backlink from the same location or producing fresh suggestions to assist our client.

The SEO Campaign

When the law firm initially began working with us in October 2019, we first assisted them in distributing material and gaining new links via Snap Syndication. This service assists companies in syndicating their content across 100+ high authority news sites. The law firm syndicated articles on legal topics in which they were featured.

They were happy with the content syndication results. They launched a significant Snap Diversified Link Building campaign for the remainder of 2020. Like Snap Syndication, this service gets clients in-content, contextual links back to their website from high authority blogs.

In Managed SEO Campaigns, our account managers collaborate with clients to create the most effective anchor texts.

To boost their link building, the law firm also had their Campaign Manager add Snap Blogger Outreach to their project:

  • DA 50 Blogger Outreach Post
  • DA 40 Blogger Outreach Post
  • DA 30 Blogger Outreach Post
  • DA 20 Blogger Outreach Post
  • Blogger Outreach on a site with – 25K traffic

Our blogger outreach service assists clients in writing an original blog with a backlink and having it published on a site with a domain authority (DA) ranging from 10 to 50. As seen by their request, the legal firm desired that its material appears on sites with a higher DA.

After putting all of these measures in place, we found that the law firm’s traffic began to skyrocket in the summer of 2020. Let’s have a look at the findings, shall we?


In one year, the number of referring domains at the law firm increased by 800%, from fewer than 50 to 450.

number of backlinks for a law firm

We assisted them in obtaining 20,177 organic keywords by finding and combining those “easy win” phrases and a focused plan to get keywords in ranks 1-3.

Their ranking keywords in the top three spots increased from about 40 to 240, as seen below.

The law firm is now ranking for over 20,000 keywords.

And our final indicator of campaign success was organic traffic, which is influenced by the number of backlinks and ranking keywords.

Their traffic increased to 10,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2020, and they now have close to 6,000. This quantity of traffic would cost the law firm $30,000 in paid advertising, yet they are receiving it naturally!

The law firm's organic traffic increased to over 5,000 visitors per month.


After reading this case study, you should have a better understanding of the importance of backlinks. They are the most effective approach to enhance your SEO ranking, but they are difficult to implement.

Businesses trying to get their own backlinks need to write an original blog post and contact websites to see if they would publish it as a guest post. It takes a lot of time and effort.

In contrast, Snap SEO has a team of outstanding content writers that develop blogs. We also have established ties with high-ranking websites. Our link building and blogging outreach services make it simple for you to increase the number of links to your website.

Do you want to know how we can assist you? Contact our digital marketing professionals to discuss your objectives.

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