Local French SEO Case Study (Huge ROI On SEO)

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This case study is the perfect illustration of exactly how profitable SEO could be in comparison to other resources.

Let’s get right into it!


This business is unique since it is both non-US and even Non-English — it is a French Canadian website.

For the majority of our search engine optimization products, we operate in English but the customer was ok with this although it is a French-Canadian website.

This was a fantastic test to find out whether our approach would hold up at a non-English use instance, and it did.

SEO Audit

We always start with a full SEO audit to learn what is going on with the site.

This site had no penalties, but the traffic was pretty miniscule.

They had been marginally over-optimized for their target keywords, having 1 exact match at 28% and another at 25%.

This was not a huge deal, since they simply didn’t have lots of links, but still a thought we had to consider.

Keyword Research

Easy Wins – Find “Hidden Goldmines”

We constantly search for easy wins when performing keyword research — these are keywords that the website is ranking for but are not at the top positions. If we target these, we can usually get quick traffic wins!

This site had less easy wins than some other sites, but that’s OK because it’s a site providing locally based services. Traffic is lower compared to other niches, but it is going to get better conversions because there’s greater intent.

We found 43 terms with traffic between 20 to 1000 searches a month, together with cost per click (CPC) between .20 cents – $5 a click. We started working on an array of keywords that were higher priority and a CPC between the $.004 -$5.00 range.

Competitive Gap

We found 31 terms their competition was targeting. These had volumes between 20 – 1,600 ms with CPC between .10 – $3.

A few of those key words were local places they have not yet targetted, a few of them were widely popular brand names of appliances they operate with, and a few of them were great keywords for solutions they provide that they don’t have webpages for however, or were not optimizing.

We showed them all of these!

The SEO Campaign

This one was somewhat different compared to other case studies because they’d really started doing SEO on their own before they jumped on a Snap Managed SEO plan.

Their initial order was set in March 2016, and shortly then, they got a great bulge.

For whatever reason, they stopped and did not put an order before Aug 2016:

first managed SEO order

They started ramping up orders around January 2017 with a mix of Snap Diversified Link Building, Snap Press Release etc:

seo keywords

Mid 2017, they hopped on a Snap Managed SEO Campaign and we went at it more strategically:

local seo keywords

Remember we have limited options, this is international AND foreign language, so here’s what the strategy looked like:

Months 1-3 all the same

Snap Diversified Link Building Packages
Mix of Natural, Branded, and exact match since we have control


As for the results?


organic traffic value

What’s even cooler is that they have spent in total, all-time with us $10,600.

However, Ahrefs is reporting a traffic value of $8k PER MONTH

domain overview of french seo site

Let’s do the math!

$8,000 per month = $96k per year they would have to spend on PPC!!


As you can see in the graphs above, their SEO dropped off if they ceased taking action, and ramped up once they got more constant.

By using our search engine optimization plan, you can discover huge wins for consistent outcomes.

Regardless of which kind of business you’re, we likely have an option for you.

In addition, it’s important to not focus on tons of traffic – focus on the RIGHT TARGETED traffic.

If you’d like some help with your SEO, you might be interested in our Snap Managed SEO program. Check it out!

If you’d like content in French, or another language contact our experts and they will help you out!

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