Vape Shop 41x in Traffic and 2770% growth in keywords

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Our clients are very important to us. We get to know them, understand their business goals, and do whatever is in our power to help them succeed.

It doesn’t matter if they’re a giant multinational corporation, a small mom-and-pop shop, or even a grey niche site. We’ll work with them in the same way to boost their SEO and deliver more traffic than they’ve ever seen before.

The following case study will document how we worked with one particular vape shop client to grow their traffic by 41x and deliver 2770% growth in both ranking keywords.

How did we do it exactly?

We started by getting to know the client and their industry. This client wanted a hands-off approach, so we were free to create our own vape shop SEO strategy that fell within their budget.

Our relationships are built on trust and transparency.

They initially enrolled in an a la carte style plan but grew to a managed seo plan.

purple city 420


Purple City 420 is an Edmonton Vape shop that reached out to use to grow organically on Google Maps and ideally get more foot traffic to their site.

Customers can come into their shop or buy vapes online through their eCommerce platform.

Purple City 420 started working with us in 2019 on a smaller scale, but we still showed them the same drive and attention we offer all our clients.

Our goal is to see our clients succeed, no matter their size or industry.

Purple City went from an a la carte plan to a managed seo around January 2021.

And that’s where the action began.

Site Audit

Our team immediately started and conducted a full vape shop seo audit.

We do this for all newly managed SEO clients. As you can see below, an initial eye test on the homepage wasn’t engaging and had thin content. There was very little opportunity to get some keywords onto the home page.

When they first started with us, they had only 4 referring domains. They had only around 195 keywords with only 40 organic visitors a month.

A vape shop is classified as a “grey” niche, so they cannot use other methods to get traffic to their site, such as Google or Facebook ads.

There needs to be a lot of work done on their site.

“Easy Wins” Keyword Analysis

During our initial audit for all new clients, we identify keywords they are already ranking for in positions 4 to 30.

We call these easy wins because they can give clients a short-term burst in organic traffic before our main strategies are in place.

Unfortunately, as we did a site audit, we learned there were no easy wins to take advantage of, so we had to dig deeper. We began to look at their competitors.

Talk Strategy With An Expert

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Competitive Gap Analysis

Our client had no easy win keywords, and only a few were event banking, so we had to check out what their competitors were doing to get some more ideas.

We compiled a list of keywords their competitors were ranking for, and they were not. They included vape shop seo terms like “Edmonton vape shop” and “Edmonton bong shop.”

These keywords were primarily transactional in nature, so we wanted to find some other keywords with a larger search volume.

Most of their direct competitors had similar keywords, so we dug deeper and broadened our search to find the larger search volume terms.

These are usually informational in nature and can be a part of the larger sales cycle, such as getting visitors to their site that are still looking for information. This can help build their brand and larger online presence.

Many of these keywords could be used in their vape shop seo strategy. Not all the keywords will work, but we got a good start.

A New Vape Shop SEO Strategy

Enrolling in our Snap Managed SEO was integral to Purple City’s success. They had access to all of our SEO products so his campaign manager could build a new practical and comprehensive strategy.

We noticed that the site had thin content, so the first thing we did was utilize Snap Blogger to expand their content. It’s one of our most popular SEO services, and clients can choose between short-form and long-form SEO posts.

Our professional writers created each blog and fully optimized it for SEO based on the overall digital marketing strategy.

Good content helps your website rank for more high-performing keywords and gets visitors interested in your unique services.

At the same time, our Snap Web Copy team started working on refreshing what appeared on Purple City’s home page.

They help websites optimize home pages, about pages, sales pages, local pages, and product description pages. Our web copy team also sets up these pages to maximize conversions.

Depending on a client’s business or industry, they may want more visitors to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or download an app.

Once Purple City’s web pages were updated and their blogs were consistently posted, we moved to the next phase of his SEO strategy—link building. The majority of the campaign was dedicated to a mix of link building from Snap Blogger Outreach Links to Snap Business Listings.

Google Maps uses a blended algorithm that looks at both the organic ranking of the site and how consistent the business’ Name, Address and Phone number (NAP) is spread across the web.

Snap Business listings not only create a consistent NAP but also gets the site some links in the form of directories. At the same time, Snap Blogger Outreach will help boost organic rankings.

Backlinks are a top-ranking factor, and Purple City needed more to see any increase in its organic traffic.

There’s not much relevant and resourceful information online about vapes. Some people love reading about vape technologies online; all we needed to do was produce some guest posts on other sites that would direct readers to Purple City.

Our blogger outreach/guest post service is hands-off for clients. We generate the topics, produce high-quality guest posts focusing on domain authority (DA) or traffic, and even publish them.

Here is a look at some of Purple City’s orders:

Month 1:

  • Snap Blogger Outreach DA 10: 1 Pack
  • Snap Business Listings Small
  • Snap Web Copy 500 Word

Month 2

  • Snap Blogger Outreach DA10 1 pack
  • Snap Blogger 2x 500 Word
  • Snap Business Listings Monthly

The Results

After nearly a year of hard work, we were proud to present Purple City with a summary of its website’s performance.

Snap SEO clients receive regular updates from us. Still, it’s also nice to examine growth over a more extended range of time.

Thanks to its new vape store SEO strategy, Purple City 420’s traffic reached historic levels.

As a Snap Managed SEO client, their strategy was tailor-made for their website, and the budget reflected only what he needed to get the job done right.

For the first half of his campaign, we focused on optimizing their web pages with high-performing keywords and adding new blog content. We even retailored the home page to be more conversion optimized.

The result was a new home page and a The result was over a 2870% increase in keywords and 42x in traffic. Check out the chart and new home page below.

vape shop seo optimized

We can see the keywords skyrocket

vape shop seo keywords

With the keywords came a huge boost in traffic!

vape shop seo boost in traffic

Purple City is currently ranking #1 for many keywords, including “Edmonton bong shop” and “Edmonton Smoke Shop.”

The second phase of Purple City’s campaign was to start adding backlinks. They increase traffic, but they are a sign to Google that your site can be trusted. Google likes to increase the rankings of sites with more quality backlinks.

Below you can see how Purple City’s referring domains increased by 5000%, thanks to our link-building services.

vape shop seo increase of domains

The results speak for themselves, and Purple City decided to stay on with us as long term as a client.

The Takeaway

Nothing makes us happier than seeing clients surpass their marketing goals. Purple City’s team had been struggling to grow their vape shop, and they did the right thing by reaching out to us for help with their SEO.

All of our specialized tools were on the table for this campaign, and we provided them with performance updates every step of the way.

The beauty of a program like Snap Managed SEO is putting your digital marketing on autopilot so you can focus more on the day-to-day.

Are you interested in learning more about Snap Managed SEO or getting started with it for your business? Simply book a call with us, and we can help!

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