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How To Amplify Your Ecommerce Success With Product Videos

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In 2017, Forbes reported that 90% of customers watched videos to help them make buying decisions.

That was before the pandemic. And quarantine. And all the many ways 2020 and now 2021 have all of us shopping from home. So we can assume that number has only skyrocketed.

Think the concept of product videos sounds too intimidating or don’t know where to start? Here are some reasons to change that tune and tips to make incorporating video into your e-commerce site a snap.

Get an SEO Boost

It was easy in years past to see your video rank on Google and other search engines’ video tabs. But the goal is always to see your products and services on the first page of a general search. These days there are several ways to position your video for SEO results.

First, you want to think about where you’re hosting your video. For instance, YouTube is a natural fit with its 2 billion monthly users and Google integration that work together to set you up for success. They also allow you to include a transcript of your video. This means you can use all the same SEO strategies you use on the rest of your digital marketing and search engines will be able to pick it up.

Pay attention to your video’s title and description as well. Strategic keyword use will boost your SEO and increase your product’s rankings in no time.

Seal the Deal

Video is one of the best ways to convert e-commerce browsers into buyers. It helps reduce the anxiety of shopping online and gives a more complete view of the product.

Because of this, it’s important to incorporate video on your site’s individual product pages as well as having a YouTube strategy. Customers who can see a video of a product on the same page as product photos and descriptions will be far more likely to hit the add to cart button.

Shoppers are even using video to help them make in-person buying decisions at brick and mortar stores, so having a video marketing strategy for your products is important on multiple levels.

Try Different Types of Product Videos 

What do you picture when you think of product video production? Here are the most common types of videos to get bang for your buck.

Unboxing Videos

You might wonder if filming yourself taking your own product out of its box or container is worth adding to your site. The answer is yes. Unboxing videos have been gaining popularity for years, with 40% of millennials having shared an unboxing video. And with the rise of TikTok, GenZ is continuing the love affair. 

These videos are great for introducing new products and highlighting excellent packaging.

How-To Videos

Is your product new or tricky? Do customers contact you with questions about how to use it or best practices? Or can your products be used in a variety of ways? Then a how-to video or step-by-step tutorial is a great way to give both browsers and those who have already purchased the item all the information they need.

Product Tours

Product tours are another great way to introduce new products or highlight product features. More in-depth than an unboxing, these videos get into the nitty-gritty details or show your products in action. Everything from tech gadgets to beauty products will benefit from this type of video.

Customer Features

Happy customers make the best spokespeople for your products. Feature customer testimonials on your product pages. Highlight customer unboxings on your YouTube channel. Work with influencers on TikTok and Instagram. Pay attention to the amazing stories your customers share directly with you or in product reviews and offer to spotlight those stories in a video on your website. 

E-commerce browsers want to know exactly what they’re getting, and hearing directly from other customers is the best way to encourage them to get off the fence and buy your products.

Keep Their Attention

Like in any other kind of digital or social media strategy, engagement is a big factor in turning your browsers into customers when it comes to your videos.

Start the video with a bang. Probably not literally, of course, but do start the video with something attention-grabbing. This can be music or visuals that work with your company branding. A catchphrase or slogan. Anything that catches the customer’s attention and keeps them watching until the end.

And in that vein, short and sweet is your friend. The rise of short-form video like TikTok and Instagram Reels continues to whittle down the average user’s attention span. While every platform is different, most advise keeping video between 60 and 90 seconds for optimum engagement. 

3 Final Tips For Success

1. Use Captions

On-screen closed captions make your content accessible to your deaf or hard-of-hearing customers. But they also allow all people to watch and get information from your videos in situations where they don’t necessarily want the volume up. 

2. Build Trust

The whole point of incorporating video into your product presentation is to convert watchers to buyers. To do that you have to build trust, which requires you to be as authentic as possible. People consume a ton of content every day. If you can genuinely connect with them you’ll always come out on top.

3. Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Every one of your videos should ask the viewer to take some sort of action. Tell them where they can find other information about your product online. Direct them to your website. Ask them to send in their own testimonials about your products. Embed an add to cart button at the end of the video on your product page. The options are endless. 

What Do You Have to Lose?

Absolutely nothing. Product videos offer so many exciting ways to connect with your customers and take your products to a new level. And with e-commerce continuing to be so important in 2021, now is the time to take the leap.

If you want to know more about incorporating video into your e-commerce product listings, contact us for a consultation. We love using digital marketing strategies to set you up for success

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