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Like most businesses, content marketing and content syndication Should be your company’s main strategy to achieve greater results. However, if you are just starting your content marketing strategy, zero people will visit your blog or website regardless of how perfect content inside.

What is Content Syndication?

Let’s start with explaining the term “content syndication”. This is a way to repost content on other sites to reach a wider audience. It can increase higher traffic results and you will get a lot of more awareness of your brand. Besides, it can help you by building powerful backlinks, this also helps you by getting you more of the organic traffic you seek. With a content syndication strategy you can increase your sales or reachability.

What are the benefits?

If you have ever wondered on how to improve the visibility of your new or maybe older site, you need to try out the content syndication strategy. Major fortune 500 companies are already syndicating their content on major media outlets such as CNN, Fox News or even the New York Times. If it is just one article, you would probably have noticed that there are a lot of backlinks and sharing made with the articles written by the biggest news companies, or even multiple news sites sharing the same article.

Let’s think “outside the box”. There are millions if not billions of people who use the internet. If you are a beginner blogger you are not going to be able to reach all of your potential audience, even if you are writing the most brilliant content. You need to figure out a content marketing strategy which will help you use some bigger and more advanced blogs, news sites, or media outlets that have a higher authority than your own.

While sharing your content, or in other words “syndicating” it is helping you to reach more traffic and gain search engine rankings. The best side of this strategy is it‘s very cost effective and costs pennies compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

If you are a brand-site that is selling items or services on the site, you should know what is content marketing and how it can benefit your site and sales. You have probably heard a lot that if you are going to syndicate your content or blog post you will probably get a Google penalty for duplicate content. This is absolute nonsense! It’s important to mention that syndicating your content is not only good for SEO optimization it is also an important marketing strategy.

Crucial Tactics for Content Syndication

Syndication of Third-parties

If you are a content creator or you own your blog website, you can ask if a third-party site wants to publish and syndicate their post or part of a content on your site. It is perfect if your blog post or part of the content has about 10% of other syndicated content. It is a good strategy for traffic generating as it can flow between valuable sites which can increase sales and your sites authority.

It is hard to find a reliable copywriter that can publish consistent, quality content for your blog or site, especially if you are running the multiple-author site. Quality content is even harder to find, because most of the time they have their own sites with posts and content they maintain. It is better to ask for the permission of that copywriter to publish their masterpiece on your site – ask for content syndication. In addition, do not forget about syndicating yourself. If you are going to repost your content on a third-party site, share one of your own blog posts.

Syndication Of Your Posts to Other Sites

If you are a publisher and you are making your own content, you can easily increase your traffic and search engine rankings (SERPS) by syndicating your content to other sites. By approaching other sites to publish your content you can get shared on site with higher authority and dramatically increase your reach. When approaching sites you want your content syndicated on your offers can come in a couple of types:

  • Content that is all syndicated – this means that you are asking permission to syndicate your content on the other site without writing a post to the site.
  • The Mix – this is an offer that is suitable for both parties. You agree to write an original post or part of the content for the site and they are syndicating your content. You can offer to write the posts a couple of times a month.

These two options are very good for any type of blogger that is just starting out and wanting to generate more traffic or sales. Content syndication adds an extra boost when you are providing valuable, high-quality content. Having high quality content greatly increases the chances that you are going to get guaranteed publisher placement. Think about it this way: if the site that you are wanting to publish on has a high amount of traffic, they will not want to risk their reputation and will likely not place content which is useless. As long as your content will go under their expectations and will add value, you will have a great traffic-boost.

Tips That Will Help You

Now that we have discussed a bit about content syndication, some of the types, here are some tips that will help you to start out building your traffic. These tips can increase your chances of success.

Do Your Research

The first step that you should take when building out this strategy – do your research! Doing solid research is the most important aspect of all marketing strategies. Research your subject and ensure that your content is high-quality, and adds value to the reader. Then, after researching yourself, find out about the publications that you are interested in. First and foremost, you need to reach publishers that are in a similar niche. For example, there is no sense publishing your post about flower seeding in a site that is writing about ventilation systems; you will get limited growth and your page intent will confuse Google web crawlers. When you find sites with higher authority, research or contact them to see if they are accepting the strategy of content syndication. If yes, communicate and talk about what is in it for them, suggest some guest posting, or content syndication.

Do Not Abandon Links

Remember that it is really easy to mix between syndication and link building. Yes, these two strategies are very similar but yet very different. However, link building is an added benefit in the syndication process. Backlinking is really important because the site that is reposting your content should contain some of the links that are called “canonical link” back to your site. The canonical links ensure the publisher site, and your site don‘t get penalized.

Create Chain-Strategy

Finally, if you are doing this strategy to get more awareness and outreach, you have a good chance to create the “chain-strategy”. This helps especially then when you are creating really valuable content. Of course, you need to start by syndicating piece-by-piece, but if you are getting more successful, build a strategy where multiple posts are being published and syndicated in various of other sites. You can do it on your own if you have enough knowledge, but getting guaranteed publisher placement is a daunting task and it takes time navigating the publishing space. You may want to use Snap Syndication to guarantee your results. In this way,you will have more time to focus on what matters- building your business.

If you are deciding to put an effort into building this strategy, create high-quality content and be persistent. Publishers get hundreds, if not thousands of requests to publish.


When you become an expert and have the right amount of knowledge, you can dramatically boost your traffic and SERPS with content syndication. It can also help you with visibility and brand awareness. Do not worry if you are just starting out, because there are a lot of copywriters that can help you write a high-quality blog posts or content. Just as well we offer content syndication solutions. We will syndicate your blog content or create the content for you and then syndicate it! If you choose not to use our solutions, take practice and learn from your mistakes. When you will reach the right level and find out what works and what doesn’t this strategy is enough to boost a stuck keyword or ranking.

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