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The 7 Best White-Label SEO Tools for 2024

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Using the best white-label SEO tools can give your business a considerable SEO advantage. White-label SEO tools make executing SEO tasks easier, reducing costs. Your SEO team can complete more time-consuming tasks in a short time.

Success with DIY SEO is often nearly impossible for many businesses. But white-label SEO tools can effortlessly boost your SEO content. You can generate good results by climbing local search rankings and attracting more customers.

This blog will reveal the seven best white-label SEO tools for businesses like yours. We will take your budget and target market needs into account.

What Are White-Label SEO Tools?

White-label SEO platforms enable businesses to enjoy SEO services under their brand. They offer a cost-effective solution compared to building an internal SEO team. But, pricing may vary depending on the platform, features, and specific needs.

The Best White-Label SEO Tools

To maximize white-label SEO, it’s crucial to research and compare different platforms. Look for platforms with proven results and features that align with your needs.

Also, consider the customization options available. Some platforms offer greater flexibility in tailoring reports, workflows, and branding. Here are some of the best examples to consider for your business.

Semrush: The Most Recommended White-Label SEO Tool

If you want a tool combining advanced SEO research and reporting, Semrush is an excellent choice. Semrush has established itself as a prominent player in the SEO industry. It provides a broad set of tools designed to assist you in maximizing SEO efforts.

One of the standout features of Semrush is its remarkable keyword research capabilities. You can use it to find profitable keywords and analyze search volume and competition. In turn, you can create SEO content that aligns with your findings.

This SEO tool also offers valuable on-page SEO suggestions that can enhance your website’s performance. Besides, Semrush provides other noteworthy features such as competitor analysis, local SEO features, and rank tracking.

To cater to various business needs, Semrush offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro: Priced at $129.95 per month
  • Guru: Priced at $249.95 per month
  • Business: Priced at $499.95 per month

DashThis: Automated Marketing Reporting SEO Tool

DashThis is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking an automated reporting solution. This tool enables you to streamline your reporting workflows and produce professional reports.

DashThis gathers data from various sources and presents the most crucial SEO metrics in a comprehensive dashboard. This simplifies SEO monitoring and reporting, saving you valuable time and effort.

Above that, DashThis stands out as an affordable SEO tool, offering a pricing structure that caters to different business needs. With pricing tiers including Professional at $127 per month, Business at $246 per month, and Standard at $382 per month, you can choose the plan that best suits your budget and objectives.

SE Ranking: All-in-One SEO Tool

SE Ranking is the perfect all-in-one SEO tool for businesses. It provides a comprehensive range of features to fulfil various types of SEO tasks.

These features enable you to improve SEO campaigns and optimize websites for better rankings. The key features include:

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Backlink Monitor
  • Backlink Checker
  • Competitive Research
  • On-page SEO Checker
  • Website Audit
  • White Label Reports

SE Ranking offers four pricing options to cater to different business needs:

  • Essential: $44 per month
  • Pro: $87.2 per month
  • Business: $191.2 per month
  • Custom

AuthorityLabs: A Robust Cloud-Based SEO Monitoring Tool

AuthorityLabs is a trusted tool specializing in rank tracking and suitable for white-label use. If you need a tool to track your site’s rankings and keep an eye on your competitors, AuthorityLabs is worth considering.

This SEO monitoring tool operates on the cloud. It lets you track your website’s rankings on major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It also provides a user-friendly interface and various SEO performance monitoring features.

Above all, Authority Labs offers pricing plans that are friendly and affordable for most small businesses. They have four different pricing options, ranging from the Plus plan at $49 per month to the Enterprise plan at $450.

Serpstat: A Popular Growth Hacking Tool

Serpstat is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers a wide array of features to execute SEO strategies. It provides advanced tools for search analytics, content marketing, SEO, PPC, and more.

Serpstat gives you control over data presentation, enabling you to create reports that align with your objectives. With just a few clicks, you can generate customized reports for your team, including the specific SEO metrics and insights relevant to your business.

Serpstat is also cost-effective, offering five different pricing options. These options include Lite ($50 per month), Standard ($100 per month), Advanced ($410 per month), Enterprise ($499 per month), and Custom.

Mangools: A Budget-Friendly SEO Tool

If you’re looking for an affordable and user-friendly tool, Mangools is worth considering. Mangools provides five robust SEO tools: keyword finder, link miner, SERP watcher, SERP checker, and site profiler.

With Mangools, businesses can efficiently perform various SEO tasks. You can, for example, conduct competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink analysis, SERP analysis, and rank tracking.

On affordability, Mangools stands out as one of the best white-labelling SEO tools available. They offer four pricing plans: Entry at $19.9 per month, Basic at $29.9 per month, Premium at $44.9, and Agency at 89.9 per month.

AgencyAnalytics: A Versatile SEO Tool

This tool is among the most affordable and top-notch white-label SEO tools. It provides a comprehensive set of features that inform many SEO tasks. Whether you are a freelancer or a small business, AgencyAnalytics caters to your needs with its versatile tools.

AgencyAnalytics provides a customizable dashboard template, white-label reports, and integration with over 75 platforms. It has become a favoured choice among agencies, businesses, and marketers.

AgencyAnalytics also offers a suite of SEO tools that support your SEO content marketing strategy. It also provides historical data to analyze both short-term and long-term SEO performance. And it offers collaboration tools to help coordinate many teams.

AgencyAnalytics offers three pricing options to cater to different needs-Freelancer at $12 monthly, agency at $18 monthly, and a customizable enterprise plan.

Choose the Best White-Label SEO Tool

Selecting the best white-label SEO tools for your business depends on your objectives and preferences. Each tool possesses its advantages and disadvantages.

If you need help with SEO or want more information about SEO tools, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We have the expertise and resources to assist you in making well-informed decisions for your business.

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