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SEO Keywords: Why Quality Wins

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Search engines like Google want to deliver high quality and relevant content to its users. Knowing this the trick to success in SEO is to increase your brands visibility online by literally building your presence specifically targeting highly relevant traffic with high quality content. There is little to be gained from pursuing a large volume of SEO keywords if the huge majority of these phrases are not pertinent to your services and products.

In other words, it is about the quality standards the agency puts forth. This can be the quality of your keywords, content and links to your website and not necessarily the amount. There is also little to be gained by going after a keyword with heaps of traffic but it’s super competitive.  Simply put – quality over quantity wins every time.

Be weary of keyword packages

Many internet marketing agencies provide SEO services as a bundle, with pricing that’s based on the number of keywords which are going to be used for site optimization. In the event you are given a proposition that claims to position your site for a fixed variety of search phrases, consider this a red flag.

Benefits of 25, 50 or even 100 keywords may appear effective on the surface, however when push comes to shove, it won’t deliver the very same outcomes as a well-rounded search engine optimization plan that considers your distinctive business objectives.

While positions are significant, the number of keywords you’re rank for alone doesn’t offer a clear image of your search engine optimization functionality. There are a number of different elements that have to be taken into account, such as increase in site traffic and conversions.

Identifying high quality keywords

Rather than focussing on key words amounts, as a good agency we must be taking the opportunity to understand your company, its aims and objectives. When armed with this info, one of our marketing specialists can strategically pick the keywords which will yield the best outcomes for your company and its bottom line.

Good SEO keyword research

Everything begins with assessing and collecting a huge pool of potential search terms and utilizing the process of elimination to target the most effective keywords.

Narrowing it down, a search engine optimization specialist will analyze your intended audience and its search behaviors. Finding out the sort of questions users are looking (transactional, informational or navigational) and their search volume to ascertain which key words would be the most beneficial to your company.

Successful keyword study brings down a broad assortment of search phrases to a tight pair of highly relevant important phrases which will inform the construction of your site and its content. Basically, the ideal keyword set will guarantee your site is intended to entice visitors with the ideal intent.

Transactional vs informational keywords

The two main types of traffic to a site are transactional and informational. A good search engine optimization specialist will prioritise both types of SEO keywords.

Transactional keywords signify the user gets the intent to execute a purposeful action, like submitting an enquiry or creating an intent to purchase. They may enter a search query such as “cheap creatine buy now”, this is a transactional search term as it shows that the user is seeking to buy a item.

Users which are conducting transactional based searches are a lot more beneficial to your company than people seeking general info. When informational key words are used over the course of a search, it indicates the user remains in the early phases of the purchasing cycle and might not be prepared to convert only yet. As an example, if an informational search term like “benefits of creatine” is entered, then it means the user remains running preliminary study.

That having been said, informational keywords may nevertheless be leveraged in encouraging blog articles to cultivate users toward shooting action on your website later on.

Long-tail keywords

When doing a search, users may elect to enter one keyword or a particular phrase. Singular keywords have a tendency to draw more search queries. To some it may be tempting to concentrate all your efforts on such phrases and optimise your site accordingly, but remember, with more research volume comes better competition, meaning it will likely be more challenging to rank for one key word. Furthermore, there’s often less intent supporting a singular keyword research.

It pays to concentrate on keywords which have low quantity, competition and higher purpose, or long-tail keyword phrases. As an example, if the expression “plumber” is typed into a querie, it is not too clear what data the user is searching, whereas when the term “emergency repair plumber Edmonton” is entered, then the user is demonstrating greater intent to discover a local plumber that does emergency repairs. By using long-tail SEO keywords, your website will have the ability to pull customers which are more likely to convert while feeding them better search results.

Our Easy Win Approach

At Snap SEO we know that positions aren’t a definitive measure of success and great SEO depends upon a mix of variables. We don’t use SEO keywords packages that lock in keyword and contracts. Having a strategy that looks for relevant keywords that are already ranking but needs a boost to the first page or first position is the best way to deliver real value to our customers and develop a search strategy that is special to them as they are to us.

Our specialists are here to do more than give you short term outcomes. We are all about supporting your company in the long run by creating equity into each facet of your brand.

If you like the sounds of that, get in contact with us now.

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