8 Social Media Marketing Benefits to Consider

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Did you know that 76.9% of Canadians use Facebook each month, and 40% use Instagram? This shows that social media use is becoming a necessary daily activity. It also presents businesses with an opportunity for profitability.

Social media is primarily used for social networking and access to information and news. It’s the most influential virtual space for advertising brands and products. This is due to many users on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Still not convinced about social media for your business? These social media marketing benefits below should change your mind.

1. Brand Building

More people will likely connect with your brand if you have a social media presence. And this can help increase brand awareness.

Even more, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow you to create real human connections. You can use them to introduce your audience to your staff or showcase customer testimonials. With this level of authenticity, your brand will build trust, which helps drive new business.

Turn to social networking sites when looking to establish your business as a thought leader. In this case, you’ll share information and insights with your target audience for credibility. And if the content is informative and entertaining enough, your followers will keep you top of mind when they want to make a purchase.

2. Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Business

Social media ads offer powerful targeting options for your brand to reach the right audience. They are also a cost-effective way to distribute content and promote your business.

Depending on your budget, you can target your ads to a certain number of users. You also target users based on demographics, online behaviours, language, and location.

Social media marketing also offers exciting opportunities for retargeting. In particular, tracking tools such as the Facebook Pixel can integrate with your online store. Use them to show potential customers Facebook ads and Instagram ads for the products they checked out on your site or tried to buy.

3. Amplifies Content Creation and Distribution

It’s no secret that content creation is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. Promoting your content through social media will help you prove your industry experience and grow your audience.

As people start engaging with your social networking posts, the content will reach new audiences. You may stand a chance of going viral depending on the impressions your posts get.

Social media is also one of the great places to source content in the form of ideas or material for posts. You can get new, refreshing content ideas from your followers by asking them for suggestions. Sourcing material for social posts through user-generated content or contests can also work.

4. Improves Communication

You should come to terms with the fact that consumers are already talking about your brand on social media. Through social media marketing tools like social hashtags, you can pick up on posts that discuss your brand. This will help you point out the positive reviews and give feedback on the negative ones.

Social media is also a great tool for crisis communication. It can help you assure customers of continued service in a state of crisis.

As you interact directly with your audience on social media, you also give them a chance to engage with your brand. You can also offer customer support to amplify your existing customer service options.

5. Generates Leads and Boosts Sales

Through social media posts and paid ads, you can drive lots of traffic to your business website. For instance, you can tease a post on your followers’ feed and direct them to visit your website for the full details. Always include the URL of your site on your posts and social profiles to improve conversion rates.

Social media also allows potential customers to show interest in your offerings. The good thing is that they won’t necessarily have to commit to buying anything as they express interest.

Your business can partner with influencers to attract the attention of their followers to your brand through social media. The influencers can also promote your products or services on their profiles to help you reach new audiences.

6. Helps You Gain Insights About Customers

Social media algorithms are designed to generate lots of consumer data in real-time. This kind of analytics lets you learn more about people interacting with your social media pages. This helps you direct your social media marketing efforts to the right audience.

Through social media monitoring, you can gauge the sentiments around your business. A great place to start is the mentions gathered on your social profiles. Each mention may come with a positive or negative sentiment about your brand.

7. Makes it Easier to Monitor Industry News and the Competition

Marketing on social media is a great way to keep tabs on your competitor’s new releases. You can track your competitor’s mentions for insights on the pain points of their offerings. With this information, your business can try to address these pain points and win new customers.

You can also use social media to catch up on the latest industry news. On social networking platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can track mentions and conversations related to a particular news topic.

8. An Opportunity to Connect With Prospective Business Partners

Connecting with new people on social media to benefit your business’s bottom line is possible. For instance, you can join Facebook Groups that are likely to appeal to your potential business partners.

Instagram is a great social networking platform for reaching content creators and brand collaborators. The platform even allows creators to add their preferred brands to a brand list. The list captures prospects they are open to partnering or collaborating with.

Fill Your Sales Pipeline with Social Media Marketing

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A Strategy that Delivers Results

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Our Advanced Optimization Delivers More Results

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To maximize ROI, we employ a multi-step strategic process for our social media marketing services.

1. Competitor Research & Campaign Design

Research and design are the foundation of every campaign. We will look at past campaigns, competitor offers, ad copy, and creativity, then create your campaign to give it a winning edge. This will allow your brand to remain competitive and stand out.

2. Split Testing

Our second phase of optimization consists of multiple ad groups, creative and ad copy. This allows us to split-test the results from the beginning. Further, this allows us to determine which elements are most effective and, usually, the most cost-effective.

3. Performance Optimization

Once we have enough impressions, clicks and results, we can eliminate the most ineffective campaign elements so that the algorithms can focus on the winners.

4. Scale

The testing continues as we discover more winning combinations. Your lead generation efforts will be boosted by new copy variations, creative elements and testing.

Ready to Reap These Social Media Marketing Benefits?

It’s high time you ditch traditional business advertising and embrace the social media marketing benefits above. Leverage the magnificent power of social media and watch your business grow tremendously in many aspects.

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