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The health and fitness market has grown, with global revenues expected to double by $2.3 billion by 2020.

Gym and sports equipment providers stand to benefit significantly as more individuals opt to work out at home. And, with sponsored marketing, these businesses can reach the proper clients who are eager to grow their home gym.

This Snap Google Ads Management case study will demonstrate how we assisted an online fitness shop in optimizing their Google Shopping Campaign and achieving a 5405.85% return on ad spend (ROAS) in only two months.

Please continue reading to find out how we accomplished it.


Earlier this year, a Snap reseller approached us regarding their client’s fitness e-commerce business. They wanted to use paid advertisements to develop their business and increase sales.

The client had previously worked with another agency but wants to see more growth. Their particular demand was that we outperform the previous agency’s Google Ad metrics. We gladly agreed to assist, but we uncovered a hurdle that may make optimizing their campaign difficult.

They were not forthcoming with previous analytics and were unable to provide us with access to their last ads campaign. We didn’t have any previous data either because this was a new ads account.

All we knew was that the store had been averaging a 4X return under the previous agency, which meant that for every $1,000 invested, they were making $4,000.

Our team was confident that we could assist this customer; we needed to put in a little additional effort.

Building Our Google Merchant Center

The first essential step toward a successful pay-per-click campaign is to ensure the products are organized, approved, and stand out from the competition. After that, we’d have to start from scratch using their system. (Pro tip: If you have a new ad account with no data, always check the analytics account first. This will at the very least provide campaign types, ROAS, and other key metrics.)

Setting up the Data Feed inside the Google Merchant Center is a step in the Snap Google Ads Managment campaign creation process.

A Data Feed is a collection of all your items’ updated information that is sent to Google. This data might be sent through an e-commerce platform, directly added to the Google Merchant Center, or created as a feed utilizing a content API.

Google suggests utilizing the API if your company lists a large number of goods or updates inventory frequently.

Because this client’s titles, descriptions, and photos passed our pre-optimization checklist, we went ahead and manually submitted everything to Google Merchant Center.

Part of Snap SEO PPC process is to build what is called the Data Feed inside of Google Merchant Center.You’re likely asking why we’d want to do it manually. This enables us to make fast optimization modifications in the future. On the other hand, API feeds are helpful since they instantly update any changes made in the online shop.

After the items were entered, we proceeded to link the client’s Google Merchant Center to their ad account.

It’s also worth noting that you won’t be able to conduct Google Ads campaigns for your items until you first submit them to Google Merchant Center.

Manually inputting the product stream was, believe it or not, the easiest part. We had to now focus on optimizing their new campaigns.

Structuring the Paid Campaigns

After discussing with the client about their aims and objectives, our team decided on three revenue-boosting strategies:

  • Google Shopping Campaign
  • Branded Search Campaign
  • Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

In case you didn’t know, a Branded Search Campaign is when you actively bid on terms related to your brand. Naturally, the reseller wanted this sort of promotion.

Google Shopping Campaigns are our preferred techniques since they often give lower cost-per-clicks (CPC) and bring pre-vetted visitors. The Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns would ensure that advertising was redelivered to visitors who saw items but did not purchase them. Our primary aim was to increase the number of potential clients that visited the site.

Google Shopping Campaign is not overly complicated. We started by dividing the campaign into two parts and testing them both to see which one performed best.

In this situation, we launched an automated Smart Shopping Campaign, in which Google’s machine learning designs an advertisement for us and a Standard Shopping Campaign. We’ve discovered that Smart Shopping Campaigns perform better over time.

The theory behind this is based on Google’s Algorithm, which allows Google to display our items to the appropriate people. However, we only utilize smart campaigns for shopping and not for lead generation or standard search advertisements.

The Branded Search Campaign’s role was to catch everyone who expressly searched for the branded names, regardless of whether they spelt it right or wrong. And our Dynamic Remarketing Campaign served as a catch-all for visitors who did not convert.

Optimizing Campaigns

Once the advertising goes live, it was time to start optimizing.

One of our daily optimizations is to add negative keywords to our standard campaigns. These are keywords that will keep your ad from appearing in the wrong type of search.

For example, if your firm offers women’s tennis shoes, you might want to include “high heels” as a negative keyword, so your ad doesn’t appear to customers searching for “women’s dress shoes”.

Although shopping campaigns do not allow you to bid on individual keywords, Standard Shopping Campaigns do allow you to use negative keywords. Please take a look at some of the negative terms we’ve included for this client:

A list of negative keywords we added to the client's ad campaign.

Once we have enough data, we will be able to turn off non-performing products. This enables us to focus on the products that are not generating new revenue.

pausing products

It only took us a month to see that the Smart Shopping Campaign outperformed the Standard Shopping Campaign. This is the average amount of time we want to collect data before making key marketing choices.

The results are shown below. Again, the cost per conversion was reduced, and their conversion value nearly doubled compared to the usual campaign.

We decided to pause the Standard Campaign entirely and devote all of our resources to the Smart Shopping Campaign.

Except for monitoring search phrases, daily budgets, and results, we didn’t have many optimization alternatives for our branded and dynamic campaigns.

The Results

We thought we were on the right route for this client, so we let it ride with these new optimized settings.

While our initial aim for this campaign exceeded a 4X return, we exceeded it with a 5405.85% ROAS in the second month!

As seen below, our client spent $1,505.11 on sponsored advertisements and had a fantastic return of $81,358.36 in the new income.

We were also pleased to construct a successful campaign from the bottom up with no previous data to utilize as a baseline and assist our client in generating tens and thousands of dollars in sales for two months.


Our professional Snap Google Ads Management team provides successful paid advertising solutions to clients from a range of sectors. Whether new clients contact us concerning disapproved advertising or because they lack baseline data to work with, we assist them all in getting back on track.

We can achieve so because our PPC campaigns are tailored to each client. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, Snap Google Ads Management plans follow a method based on the best practices of paid advertising, and we develop a plan tailored to a client’s specific objectives and goals.

Do you need assistance in producing or optimizing sponsored advertisements for your e-commerce business? Then, schedule a call with one of our PPC experts to learn more about what we can do for you.

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