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Here is a detailed case study of our client in the E-commerce industry who had tremendous success in only a few months of working with us.

This client was included on our Snap Managed SEO program.

You can read about the approach behind all of these case studies here.

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Despite being registered in late 2013, this site received little traffic. The owner had invested a substantial amount of time on this site and had created a significant number of pages, yet it was still receiving very little traffic.bassline screenshot

SEO Audit

The first step we do is always an audit of the site to see if there are any serious underlying concerns.

This site had no penalties; it just never ranked on the first page of Google for the intended keywords. It also lacked optimization, and it just didn’t have many links.

Keyword Research

We usually want to evaluate the hidden potential a site has for quick traffic improvements while doing keyword research.

The graph below shows how many keyboards they rank for in the top 100 places. They clearly have a lot of potential!

Easy Wins Analysis

With our easy wins analysis, we seek keywords ranking somewhere in Google but not in the top places, where the majority of the traffic is. If we can find these, we will be able to move them up and observe faster traffic gains.

We discovered 1001 easy wins keywords for this site that rank largely on pages 2-3 with traffic ranging from 10 to 9, 400ms, and a CPC ranging from 0.50 cents to $6.

This site had HUGE potential, but it wasn’t getting much attention because it wasn’t ranking on page 1.

Content Gap Analysis

We look for competitor keywords that the site isn’t currently targeting using the content gap analysis. This serves as a basis for our content creation.

We discovered 103 keywords with volumes ranging from 150 to 2900 monthly searches and PPC costs to the easy wins for this site.

We collaborated with the client to identify high priorities and keywords based on their industry trends knowledge.

SEO Strategy & Execution

Here’s what our campaigns looked like:

Month 1:

  • 1x Blogger Outreach Guest Post – Exact match on easy wins
  • 1x Blogger Outreach  Guest Post – Exact match (another kw) on another easy win
  • Medium Snap Diversity Links – partial match, brand, naked anchors
  • Snap Blogger 1 x 1000 word post – informational kw focus based on industry trends

Month 2 – Very Similar:

  • 1x Blogger Outreach Guest Post – money keyword variation
  • 1x Blogger Outreach Guest Post –  money keyword variation
  • Medium Snap Diversity Links – partial match, branded, naked anchors
  • Snap Blogger 1 x 1000 word post  – money keyword

Month 3 – Similar, But got more anchor text diversity:

  • 1x Blogger Outreach Guest Post – Branded
  • 1x Blogger Outreach Guest Post – Branded
  • Medium Snap Diversity Links – Branded, URL, Partial match mix
  • Snap Blogger 1 x 1000 word post  – 1 x 1000 – Content gap kw, high volume

SEO Results

We concentrated on bringing those easy wins to page 1 because this site already has a significant amount of content and many potentials for easy wins.

When we were successful in doing so, the traffic exploded:results of doing seo for an ecommerce screenshot


After only three months of work, this site has a lot more potential than we realized.

We’ll start linking certain high-volume keywords that we used for content in the next three months. This site is set to dominate the niche!

If you need assistance with your website (even if you have seen a decline in traffic or had penalties), you might be interested in our Snap Managed SEO service.

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The guys at Snap SEO are true professionals and I thank my lucky stars every day that I contacted them to help with writing my website’s articles and sorting out other SEO issues. They were recommended by a friend and I can honestly say it is a pleasure to work with a team that deliver excellent work while taking my input seriously at the same time.

Liam Sammuals
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