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You’ve just completed a killer Wix site, and you’re ready to start business. But how do you know that people will find it?

Wix can assist newbies in creating attractive and engaging websites to wow customers, but if you’re ranking on the third or fourth page of Google, it won’t make a difference. The most crucial component of establishing your new website is ensuring that it may be found via Google.

Here’s the good news: We’re going to show you how in this article!

Please keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn how easy it is to optimize your SEO in the Wix dashboard.

Start With SEO Wiz

WIX provides a tool called SEO Wiz. The tool will ask you a few questions and suggest a plan of attack.

The Wix dashboard has a section dedicated to Marketing & SEO, as seen below:

wix seo set up

get found on google - wix snippet


This is where you’ll need to navigate to begin. Later on continue to the Customer Management, Analytics & Reports, and Finances sections later to learn how to run an internet business effectively.

Remember, the Wiz isn’t perfect, but setting up your SEO is an essential stage in the website-building process.

After you choose whether your company has a physical presence or operates purely online, you’ll be asked to input your keywords. Enter three words that best describe your business.

When your site begins to get traction, it’s a good idea to conduct keyword research. You may modify terms at any time.

keyword set up for wix

Another recommendation going forward is to use more lengthy keywords for your SEO. They may get fewer clicks than shorter ones, but the individuals who click are looking for something extremely particular. As a result, they’re more likely to convert.

Submit your keywords when ready.

Managing Your SEO Plan

Congratulations! You’ve just started your SEO strategy.

welcome letter seo

The next step is a list of activities to perform based on your current website and the keywords entered.

Some copywriting may be required for some of these steps. The majority of it, however, is simply utilizing Wix features.

Here are the first steps:

  • Update Homepage Title
  • Update Homepage SEO Description
  • Optimize Your Web Copy
  • Ensure Your Website is Mobile Friendly
  • Connect to a Domain & Google Search Console

Next, you’ll do some SEO optimization:

  • Adding Alt-Text
  • Updating Contact Info
  • Updating Social Links
  • Setting Up Homepage Hyperlinks
  • Update Book Online Page Title
  • Change Book Online Page SEO Description
  • Set-Up Book Online Page Hyperlinks

Your journey doesn’t end here. Keeping your SEO up to date is an on-going job. As your company grows, you’ll need to renew these things on a regular basis.

You can do the SEO yourself, hire someone from Wix to help, or reach out to us at Snap SEO.

Let’s look at some things you can do on your own for the time being: picking a great domain name, setting up metadata, submitting your Google site map, and adding backlinks are all examples.

Having a ‘Good’ Domain Name

Shakespeare’s Romeo famously asked, “what’s in a name?” When it comes to a website, the answer is “just about everything!”

Creating your own secure domain name is one of the more complicated SEO techniques for Wix sites. This improves the overall impression of the website, but it can also help with SEO.

You can enter a domain name you currently own or purchase one through Wix. Simply click on the “Main Menu”, select “Settings,” and “Domain.”

purchase domain

Search for a domain name on this site first and click “Get It” if it’s available. The only real trick is choosing the right domain name to use.

A decent domain name is short, memorable, and simple to spell. It should ideally describe what you do or your company’s name.

All About Metadata

Everybody’s goal is to rank higher in Google searches. But how does Google know what your sites are about?

The first step is creating the right meta data – Title links & meta descriptions for each page.

The meta description is a brief description of your website. It’s how Google’s web crawler “sees” your site. Unfortunately, many web owners use the same static description for each page.

It’s tempting to use a keyword whenever you can. However, doing so might have a negative impact on your search rankings. If you manually write out unique titles and descriptions for each page, though, it may assist improve the ranking of those pages considerably.

There are two ways to do this. First, go to “Wix ADI,” select the page, click the gear icon, find “Page SEO,” and enter your descriptions.

Start with your homepage and continue for every other page on your site.

Don’t Forget the Sitemap

Here’s a simple step many Wix users forget: you need to submit your sitemap through Google Search Console.

This is similar to giving Google a map of your website. It can also identify and rank your site more quickly as a result of this information.

To submit your site, go to the Google Console, click “Sitemaps” on the left-side menu, type out sitemap.xml next to your domain name, and then click “Submit.”

There’s some good news: you may use the SEO Wiz to automatically improve your site’s search engine optimization. All you have to do is connect your domain name, and the program takes care of the rest. You seriously enhance your SEO with just one click.

Add Backlinks

Our last step is crucial. It’s also the most difficult of all, but if at all feasible, you should aim for more backlinks to your website.

Backlinks from high-quality websites can help you maintain a healthy SEO status and climb in Google’s search results. These backlinks show Google that more people and professional sites are interested in you. As a result, your search engine rankings improve.

Don’t forget to share the your webpages on social media in order to increase backlinks. And don’t be hesitant to contact prominent bloggers and social media influencers so that you can develop a business connection.

Aside from that, the greatest approach to obtain more backlinks is to create excellent content.

Looking to get more backlinks? We’d recommend our link building packages, Snap Diversified Link Building or Snap Blogger Outreach.

SEO for WIX: Your Next Move

Now you’ve learned how to enhance your SEO gamefor Wix. But do you know how to make sure that your material is seen?

Here at Snap SEO, we provide the kind of quality content that your users are craving. To see what we can do for your SEO, come sign up today!

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