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Instagram Stories is a few years old now and, and has reached more than 400 million busy everyday users. For some reason a lot of people still cannot get it right.  If you would like to raise your Instagram reach and after, you want to incorporate the Stories attribute as part of your overall plan.

1. Utilize the swipe up attribute.

Unfortunately the Swipe Up attribute is only available for the Instagram accounts which have 10,000 or even more followers, so if you’re not really there yet, it is a fantastic growth target to aim for.

Whenever you do get this feature, you can include it at the end of your Stories to invite people to swipe up”to learn more.” It directs people to your site so they can find out more about the services and products mentioned.

2. Use the Swipe Meter, Ask Questions and Conduct Polls

Survey your audience by using polls, questions or the swipe meter. This is a great way to get good feedback. Use this attribute to determine what audiences favorite products and services are. Use the feedback to adapt your content to your audience and in the development of future goods. It’s also important to note that when you are using polls your audience are shown the results there after so make sure you know what you are asking and you are comfortable displaying the results.

Questions provides you with an, “Ask Me Anything” design format which allows you to share any media. Instagram users are then allowed to ask questions and learn about your company, brand, and also the men and women that are working there.

The Swipe Meter permits you to survey your viewers to get their opinions on something. You may use it to find out how much your audience adores (or dislikes)  a product, a recipe, an ensemble, or something similar.

3. Direct visitors to your feed.

Should you place a new photograph or video in your Instagram feed, then you can use the Stories feature to drive visitors to your feed.

From that point, you can click”Add Article into Your Story.” When you click that, you may add your backup, along with any other features you’d like from Stories, like polls, hashtags, along with extra pictures or videos.

4. Post to Stories daily.

Stories just last on the network for 24 hours though it’s possible to save them on different platforms. Each time you post new Stories content, your profile image is going to have a red circle around it which draws users focus to it.

You can also categorize and share stories using the Stories Highlights attribute. This is a great way to showcase stories you’ve completed previously that all follow a subject.

The stories you decide to highlight will display across the top of your Instagram feed, also. Make it simple for users to find your content by categorizing it your content. When you categorize the stories it makes it simpler for users to find the content they are interested in. Starbucks Jobs, the Instagram accounts Starbucks uses to market careers with the company, has Story Highlights for shops, veterans, seduction, tech, and interview advice.

You can view the content to learn more about how Starbucks provides education benefits, find out about different shops, and even get some suggestions that will assist you land the project, from resume tips to interview information. If you are a veteran, you might choose to look at that highlight simply to see how the business works to hire veterans to support them in their life following the armed forces.

5. Be creative.

Snapchat and Instagram have been competing for the stories glory. They’ve been rapidly working on new features, and we don’t expect that to slow down or discontinue any time soon.

Be creative, experiment and have fun with various alternatives by adding GI’s background music, different fonts, and more. Make sure that you app is always up to date so you can be among the first to discover and utilize the new features that get released from time to time. Take the time to learn how they influence your own engagement. Play around and have fun!

6. Utilize hashtags.

The same as with regular Instagram posts, you can, and should use hashtags in your stories. It is ideal to utilize a mix of hashtags on your feed from very popular to ones  you have the maximum possibility of ranking for. However, the opposite is true with stories, you should use more popular and broader hashtags, provided that they’re related to the material you’re posting.

Many users are able to double their number of viewers simply with well crafted hashtags. Experiment and see what happens. Keep track of the results to make sure you’re analyzing and employing the best hashtags to your brand and content.

7. Use the power of mentions.

When you post a story and it features a friend, company, or brand mention them.  When you mention someone it allows the other people to add content they’ve been tagged into their own Story. This not only helps boost your engagement, but builds your reach because it allows the followers who follow the individual or brand you have tagged to realize your articles as well.

Implementing any one of the suggestions above can allow you to get more involvement — enjoys, comments, and follows, to your main Instagram account. Using a composite of multiple tips may help speed the speed at which your participation and overall expansion occurs. When you try new things and get creative, keep an eye on your Instagram metrics  to gauge how it impacts your engagement. Once you find something that works, stay with it till you find it no longer works. By using A/B Testing, over time you’ll find what works the very best for you.

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