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Grow your Instagram Account with an Instagram Bot

Snap Instagram Growth is your way to grow your account without advertising automaticially!

Organic Growth with real followers and real likes!

Snap Instagram Growth gives you organic leads and conversions. With more people leaving Facebook and migrating to Instagram growing your Instagram handle is more important than ever.

Turn your target audience into followers and customers.

We use a mix of AI machine learning and SEO tactics to grow your account.

  • Powerful Targeting
  • AI Machine learning means the targeting gets better and better over time.
  • 450% more effective than manual posting
  • Automated Growth we automate core tasks to get you more engagement
  • Select "alt" tag optimization for a search optimized account.

Snap Instagram Growth guarantees an increase in followers within your first week.
We manually post to high domain authority sites with links back to you.

How does Snap Social Media Work?

Target your Audience

Target your audience by giving us your inputs. Give us the usernames, hashtags, and locations you want to target.

Automate Growth

Post as you normally do and we will do the rest. We will work 24 hours a day 7 days a week to grow your account.


Reap the rewards of a large audience and social awarenes.


We have a variety of packages and prices to choose from. We have two packages: Casual and Nitro. You can pay for each monthly or order by quarterly and annually options for cost savings.

Snap Instagram Growth:

Snap Instagram Growth Casual:

  • Smart Automation
  • ∞ Actions (Likes, Follows, Unfollows, Comments)
  • 5 alt tags manually optimized
  • Real organic followers
  • Real organic likes and comments

Snap Instagram Growth Nitro:
  • All the Casual features plus:
  • 10x faster growth
  • AI machine learning support
  • 10 alt tags manually optimized


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