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Success in the real estate industry hinges on the ability to captivate potential homebuyers and transform them into valuable leads by acquiring their contact details.

In this case study, we’ll delve into how Snap Managed SEO played a pivotal role in assisting a real estate investment company in doubling its backlinks, enhancing its keyword rankings, and boosting its conversion rates.

Snap Managed SEO is our top-performing, all-inclusive SEO program that offers businesses of all types and sizes the opportunity to streamline their digital marketing efforts.

This particular company sets itself apart from traditional realtors while leveraging the same SEO strategies to fuel its growth. They specialize in offering cash for homes, facilitating swift property sales and circumventing the protracted purchasing process.

Continue reading to discover the actions we undertook to enhance their SEO performance!


Campaign length

12 Mo

Monthly Budget

~ $6k

Backlinks Increase


Keywords Increase


Traffic Increase


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In late 2021, we were approached by a real estate investment company with a pressing goal: to supercharge their online presence and connect with a broader audience of potential customers.

This company specializes in expeditious property transactions, offering homeowners the invaluable service of selling their homes for cash, effortlessly sidestepping the complexities of traditional buyer financing.

Situated in Ohio, they cast a wide net, seeking single-family homes, multi-family residences, duplexes, and apartments in their pursuit of valuable real estate opportunities.

At the heart of their online presence lies a user-friendly contact form, enticing interested homeowners to take the leap and become leads. The form beckons them to provide essential details such as their name, email address, phone number, and property address. For those preferring a more direct approach, a phone contact option is also readily available.

Recognizing the pivotal importance of attracting more online visitors, our seasoned SEO team embarked on a mission to ensure that these visitors were not only arriving but also actively seeking cash offers or engaging with the sales team for further insights.

The optimization of their real estate SEO emerged as the key strategy, poised to deliver success by elevating their ranking keywords, multiplying backlinks, and enriching their content.

The Real Estate SEO Audit

In our quest to enhance our client’s online presence, the Snap SEO team embarked on a comprehensive audit of their website. Our primary objective was to discern where their real estate SEO efforts were succeeding and where opportunities for improvement lay.

We use sophisticated SEO tools and years of hands-on experience to determine what this client needs to come out on top.

Our first focal point was the site’s traffic patterns spanning from 2016 to the moment they enlisted our services. During this period, the client’s website had consistently garnered modest traffic, with a monthly average of approximately 100 visitors. Notably, there were sporadic spikes in traffic, soaring above 1,000 monthly visitors, often correlated with the publication of specific guest posts. Regrettably, these spikes proved transient.

By the close of 2021, the client’s site had modestly improved, now averaging around 200 monthly visitors. Concurrently, the tally of backlinks to their site had surged to 100. Backlinks, denoting external sites linking to the client, constitute a pivotal ranking factor on Google.

Our final point of analysis revolved around the number of keywords the client’s site ranked for, which stood at approximately 140.

Our overarching mission was crystal clear: elevate these metrics through the meticulous execution of a holistic real estate SEO strategy.

Unearthing “Easy Wins” in Keyword Analysis

Increasing a client’s ranking keywords is important to secure them more traffic. That’s because keywords are what people use when they search for something on Google.

At the start of each SEO campaign, we make it a priority to unearth “easy win” keywords for our clients. These are keywords for which the client already holds rankings within positions 4-30 on search engine results pages. Our strategy involves pinpointing the highest-performing keywords within these positions and strategically emphasizing them throughout the client’s website.

Here are some illustrative examples of the “easy win” keywords we identified:

  • “ohio discounted properties”
  • “sell my home fast columbus”
  • “cash for houses”
  • “company that buys houses”
  • “ohio real estate guys”

Dozens of other promising keywords were also identified, with a focus on selecting those poised to deliver a rapid influx of traffic for our client.

Delving further into each keyword’s search volume enabled us to discern the ones within positions 4-30 that had the potential to connect with the most users. For instance, the keyword “selling house in divorce” held the 29th position but was searched over 300 times per month.

These “easy win” keywords hold tremendous value, providing our clients with an immediate surge in traffic at the outset of their SEO campaign.


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Analyzing the Competitive Landscape

Our subsequent strategic move involved a meticulous examination of the actions taken by our client’s competitors. Understanding and staying abreast of the competition is a fundamental aspect of achieving success.

In the realm of SEO, our competitive gap analysis centers primarily around keywords. Nevertheless, we remain vigilant for any other opportunities that could bolster our client’s online presence.

Our efforts led us to the identification of 50 websites deemed direct competitors in the arena of real estate SEO. Among this array of competitors, some bore striking resemblance to our client, while others shared certain keywords but operated in markedly different ways.

For instance, one competitor shared a substantial 120 keywords with our client, while others had fewer than 10 in common. In contrast, another competitor impressively ranked for an astounding 10,000 unique keywords.

Even within the niche of real estate SEO, each business exhibits its own distinct character, necessitating our focus on operations most akin to our client’s.

We honed in on keywords such as “how long does it take to close on a house,” “closing costs for sellers,” “cash offer on house,” and “selling a house without a realtor” – all queries that align with the searches potential customers are likely to conduct.

With our newly compiled list of keywords in hand, the Snap SEO team proceeded to enhance the real estate SEO by seamlessly integrating these terms and phrases into the client’s content and web copy, thereby amplifying their online impact.

The SEO Campaign

Although this real estate company had tasted success with SEO in the past, they yearned for a more enduring and consistent impact. It was this aspiration that prompted us to recommend enrolling in Snap Managed SEO, our comprehensive, hands-on SEO program.

Under the Snap Managed SEO umbrella, they were assigned a dedicated campaign manager and granted access to our suite of highly effective, best-selling products. The essence of this endeavor was to ensure that their SEO journey would be marked by unwavering consistency.

Here’s a glimpse of the invaluable HOTH X services they availed themselves of:

  1. SNAP Blogger: To kickstart their new SEO campaign, we harnessed the power of SNAP Blogger. Our team of seasoned writers expertly crafted SEO-optimized blogs spanning from 500 to 2,000 words, posting them on the client’s behalf. These blogs not only bolstered their keyword rankings but also served as a conduit for educating online visitors about their business and its offerings.
  2. SNAP Blogger Outreach: Simultaneously, our client leveraged our Snap Blogger Outreach product, a potent link-building product. Similar to blogs, blogger outreach posts were disseminated on external websites, fortified with a link back to our client’s site. Clients had the discretion to target external sites with higher traffic or higher domain authority (DA). While increased traffic is undoubtedly beneficial, securing backlinks from high DA sites has the potential to catapult one’s rankings.
  3. SNAP Syndication: An intriguing facet of our SEO strategy involved SNAP Syndication, which enabled us to syndicate their top-performing content to over 400 websites boasting a high DA. This had the dual effect of bolstering their online presence across the web and acquiring new backlinks from prominent sites endowed with ample “link juice.”
  4. SNAP Boost: For clients with a keen focus on link building, SNAP Boost emerged as a valuable tool for jump starting the strength of backlinks that needed a boost. This service is available to Managed SEO clients ONLY.
  5. SNAP Web Copy: Recognizing the critical importance of converting online visitors, our client collaborated with our SNAP Web Copy team to optimize every page for SEO and conversions. Given their reliance on visitors requesting sales offers or seeking further information, our copywriting expertise came into play, resulting in compelling, conversion-friendly content that facilitated the seamless collection of prospect information.

It’s worth noting that our array of SNAP products extends far beyond what’s highlighted here, catering to a diverse range of businesses aiming to expand their SEO presence or attract new leads through paid advertising. To explore our comprehensive suite of services, feel free to delve deeper here.


Are you ready to dive into the performance of their real estate SEO campaign?

Drum Roll, Please

Our client witnessed an astounding surge in organic traffic. Here’s a glance at the numbers:

A chart showing the tremendous growth achieved by our client in managed seo.

At the outset of our Snap Managed SEO campaign, they were averaging approximately 100 monthly visitors. As depicted above, our meticulous link-building efforts triggered a remarkable spike, catapulting traffic to over 2,000 in the midst of the campaign.

While their traffic is steadily on the rise today, achieving a sustained record-breaking performance will take some time. Patience and adhering to the plan are the cornerstones of successful SEO.

The client’s keywords journeyed through peaks and valleys over the years, but our campaign orchestrated a doubling, elevating them from roughly 100 to over 200 within a span of 12 months. This encompassed a substantial increase in high-performing keywords, spanning positions 4-10 and 1-3.

A chart showing how the client's ranking keywords doubled during our managed seo campaign.

And now, for the ultimate litmus test of any SEO endeavor – backlinks!

The client's total number of backlinks doubled in our managed seo campaign.As the graph above illustrates, their backlinks burgeoned nearly twofold, advancing from 100 to 200 over the course of our campaign. These backlinks not only ushered in a stream of referral traffic to our client’s site but also exerted a favorable influence on their overall rankings. In the eyes of Google, backlinks signify a vote of confidence, and a greater number thereof invariably translates to improved rankings.

Key Takeaways

Irrespective of your industry, our suite of SEO products stands poised to catapult your web presence, fostering increased traffic, higher rankings, and an expansive brand footprint across the digital landscape.

For this real estate company specializing in swift cash transactions for homes, the demand for amplified web traffic and an optimized website primed for conversions became evident. This strategic approach would enable them to not only draw more prospects but also convert them into leads as they willingly divulged their information in exchange for a sales quote. And to complement these efforts, we offer PPC services, a powerful tool for tracking down fresh leads while the real estate SEO strategies take hold.

All these avenues were seamlessly accessible through our comprehensive, fully-managed SEO program. Collaborating closely with a dedicated campaign manager, our client was able to tailor an SEO strategy that harmonized with their unique business dynamics and aspirations.

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