5 Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips – How To Get More Leads From Your Site

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Creating a site that converts doesn't have to be hard. Follow these 5 easy conversion rate optimization tips to get better sales.

Conversion rate optimization is the point of most websites today. What is the point of creating, developing, and maintaining a website that doesn’t convert viewers to buyers? By the time 2024 comes around the corner, a hundred billion dollars will be spent each year on search engine optimization. This is true not just for the wellness industry, but for all industries. This huge industry is growing even more. Plus, when you compare the 2016 figure of SEO in which just sixty-five billion dollars was spent on SEO encompassing all industries, you will become even more amazed.

Conversion rate optimization is a method of increasing the percent of website visitors to convert into paying customers or take desired actions on your page. It is also known as CRO. Website optimization or online conversion rate optimization was born out of the necessity of marketers of e-commerce to improve the performance of their website amid growing competition. There are many similar principals between direct response and conversion rate optimization.

Direct response marketing is an approach in marketing that emphasizes testing, tracking, and ongoing improvement. The optimization involves advanced methods of analysis for better decision-making. Defining the goals of your business clearly and then calibrating your site to optimize and meet these goals is the objective. Your goal to meet your revenue and profit goals will be to maximize rates of conversion. Here are five conversion rate optimization tips to get more leads for your website.

1. Use ethical SEO to increase conversions

When you practice SEO on your site correctly and ethically right from the start through efforts and awareness, this is a great investment in the future. In the months to come, you will generate leads and earn a steady traffic flow year after year. Of course, you may have to re-market some of your posts once in a while.

Over time, you could even edit and update your site. Whatever work you do at the onset will generate future income for years. When you improve the SEO on your sites consistently, you will cause people to begin to link to your content, attracting more in the process. This generates sales, authority, and credibility.

As soon as you can see, SEO is a gift that keeps on giving. When you have great SEO, you will be able to stand out and beat the competition. When you rank highly on the search engine results page, also known as SERPS, the result is that you stand out among the rest. Just moving up a few ranks on the SERPS will affect your business favorably. This is particularly true when you move from page two to the first Google page.

There are just not many odds that people go all the way to the second page to find what they want. The efforts involved in SEO are focused on optimizing and creating content to rank higher than the competition for the same keywords. You then increase the conversion rate, get more revenue for the resulting sales generated.

2. Play like the big boys for conversion rate optimization

Even if you just started your spa business (or any business) yesterday, SEO enables you to play in the same field as the big boys. These days, big companies tend to have a substantial presence online. Newbies may feel they aren’t capable of competing for the top spots that big businesses currently occupy. SEO is a great equalizer since bigger businesses may not have the same focus as a newbie or a small business.

Newbies that pay close attention to current trends, better keywords, where the target audiences can be reached and what Google wants can reach top rank faster than expected. When you are a local business you have a better advantage of becoming optimized in your locality compared to national businesses competing for the same spot. Being creative brings you up the Google ranks quickly and for much fewer expenditures.

3. More visibility equals conversion rate optimization

A high rank indicates authority and credibility in the wellness arena. Human nature rates higher ranks better than lower ranks every time. When you are on the top spot on the page compared to your competition, you show that your brand and services are better than the rest. Frequently gaining the top position on Google means more people see your business. You, thus, get higher potentials of traffic which leads to more sales conversions. Most people think that SEO focuses solely on increasing sales. Indeed, SEO converts to sales but it also increases the authority and credibility of your brand.

In addition, it pays to know that many businesses know that paying a lot for advertising optimizes conversion rates. When you rank highly because of great SEO, you won’t need to spend as much on ads. Using keywords instead of paid advertising can achieve the same broad reach without costing the same. Focusing on long-tail key phrases will help you rank organically, particularly when the key phrases on your websites are very competitive.

4. Credibility equals conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is possible with high credibility. You only get a good credit rating when you practice good, white hat techniques and best practices in serving your clients. For example, shop owners gain more exposure when they use good SEO. Before actually getting into their cars to visit an actual store, a lot of people do research online on the same store to see if the merchandise exists, reviews about the product, and even the closest location to them. Thus, a high SERP rank is a great way of stimulating both online and in-store sales. One example is if you have an SEO-optimized website.

Local customers searching for your business in your area will see you occupying the top spot on the page. They will then go straight to your store to get the services they need. Leads are converted and generated effectively by good SEO. When people see that you rank very high on the Google pages, this gives you credibility, causing people to want to interact with your site.

Also, when you rank highly, you get more traffic from people clicking on your site ahead of everyone else’s. This, of course, does not guarantee sales but it does increase the chances. Great content converts to sales and when your website has top-quality content, you can be sure to rank pretty high up the Google scale.

5. Enhance user experience to optimize conversion rates

When you apply white hat or high-quality ethical SEO to provide users with a great experience on your website, this keeps your target audience coming back. User experience is also known in the SEO and web design world as UX. You might want to focus first and foremost on how to enhance UX to the max as this is the biggest factor that affects your rank on all the search engines. Google prioritizes and favors spa and wellness sites with enhanced UX produced by great SEO.

When you focus on this as you create your wellness and spa website, you reach more people because you attain higher ranks. Your page’s bounce rates are measured by Google. When someone clicks on your website and leaves immediately, this is not a good sign. Giving users what they want and expect the moment they click your link will keep them on your site, indicating a good UX.

The Verdict: optimize conversion rates for profitable returns

Profitable returns are the reason for optimizing conversion rates. It is worth spending all your time and energy optimizing rates of conversion. The fact that you can compete with the big boys the moments you have a site up and running gives you the edge. Plus, all the available tracking tools to check and see how many conversions you are generating make it easy to continuously tweak and analyze your site for the purpose of increasing your rates of conversion.

Companies spend serious amounts of dollars on SEO to produce income by converting viewers to payers. Can you blame them? The whole point of SEO is to optimize a site to build credibility, generate more viewers and encourage people to buy the product you are selling or to add themselves to your mailing list. The staggering amounts of site owners are willing to let go of emphasizes the importance of SEO. The massive expenses that go towards SEO are justified by the return-on-investment that search engine optimization provides.

Investing in all necessary tools that help you optimize conversion rates for your website will pay for itself. The reason is that when you maximize your rates of conversion using the right analytical tools, you will, in effect, generate more profitable returns in the long run. In other words, the money you invest now to help your viewers convert to paying customers and clients is going to be the best investment you ever made. This is true no matter what topic your website is about and no matter how long it has been online. You can begin to put optimization tools into effect immediately and watch as your profit increases a hundredfold.

Creating a conversion-oriented site starts from the ground up. Many designers can create a beautiful website but a designer backed by an SEO first agency will get you better results. For an experienced approach, Snap SEO’s web design services include all the technical and on-page SEO you’d expect for a conversion-oriented website. Get on the right foot.

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