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This is not one client but multiple using our Snap SEO Local service. For local sites, we recommend a combination of links + citations. Local competition can be significantly different for different markets, which is why we have a variety of solutions.


By using our well defined process for determining the top citations custom to each geo location and industry, we were able to increase organic rankings as well as map results. Every local campaign is custom to the client and involves an audit as well as manual, custom citation building. Learn more about our local product & process here.


In these screenshots you can see how their maps results improved as well as their organic results as a result of using our Snap local product.

 local-seo-results Local SEO Results - Snap SEO

Large increases in Google Local listings.  For a personal loans company.


results-from-good-nap Local SEO Results - Snap SEO

With this dent removal company Snap Local took them from the bottom of page 32 dramatically up to to page 2 (not seen) . We can see in less than a month huge results. Good SEO gets better over time.

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